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Shooting is a sport governed by trusted principles and rules, to which the sportsman and hunter strives to adhere. Many elements comprise the whole approach that we adopt in a bid to maximize results and hit the target.

Scoring a precise hit on the aim point is of course the point of the exercise, and anything that can fine tune performance, and promote good practise, should be embraced and encouraged.

Accucover is a brand new product produced in the UK by Accuzero Ltd, and provides the shooter with a startlingly simple, yet highly effective sighting aid, which is easily fitted by anyone prepared to spend some time carefully setting up their equipment.

Straight and true

The idea is a classic, and one of those innovative designs that begs the question ‘why didn’t I think of that’. Set into a plastic Butler Creek style flip-up scope cover, four bright yellow triangles act as markers to guide the shooters eye; forcing correct eye/ scope alignment, and therefore the all important true sight line. The idea is that those four yellow markers tie in with the four reference/stadia lines within the telescopic sight. On aim, those markers are picked up by peripheral vision, giving a fast and obvious visual guide in order to help keep the image central, straight and true.

Common errors such as parallax, (the apparent movement of an object dependent upon the position of the eye), can play havoc with accurate shot placement, and this new device can only help in this regard. The shooter can now make a conscious effort to keep the scopes image centralized and equidistant within those outer markers. In addition ‘cant’ (where the rifle is held tilting off to one side) causes many inaccuracies, especially when shooting on uneven ground. Once this error occurs, the scope’s sightline is out of alignment with the bore, and the margin of error magnifies downrange.

Accucover helps minimize these problems along with allowing faster target acquisition and sighting. The caps certainly feel precisely moulded, and offer rain resistant protection against the elements.

Applicable across the shooting disciplines, Accucover is a relatively cheap, easily fitted accessory, (simple push-fit over the scope body) which has the potential to make a big difference to down range performance, and as such, comes highly recommended.

Accucovers cost £19.95 each and come in three sizes;

•E3538 35-38mm diameter 1 3/8inch-1 1/2inch
•E3841 38-41mm diameter 1 ½inch-1 5/8inch
•E4144 41-44mm diameter 1 5/8inch-1 3/4inch

For further information or details of your local stockists, contact Accuzero Ltd on tel. 07958 195446

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • Unfortunately these are not allowed on UKAHFT comps but they are very good quality covers. My pet hate though is that even if I modify them to take the arrows off they are the best covers for my scopes as they are durable during operation and fold flat for a peaked cap. But being friction fit they only last me about 4 months. I shoot every sat and sun. If they were made without the arrows and with neo magnets to keep them closed I would gladly pay the price or more for them but when I sent a message to explain this it might have gone to spam cos it wasnt even acknowledged. I glued little neo magnets on mine and they are awesome for the repeated use day in day out.

    Comment by: Rex Bennett     Posted on: 11 May 2016 at 01:34 PM

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