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Ase Utra Oy Jet-Z Compact and S5 Moderators

Like most shooters of my age - full bore moderators are a reasonably new concept, as many years ago the choice was poor and more importantly getting one was not that easy. As we are all aware this situation has changed and by the time I started considering them again, the good old over-barrel (Reflex) design came along from BR Tuote and other companies. To my mind this build was preferable to the great, long muzzle-mounted cans, like the old Vaimco or L.E.I. Shorter, albeit fatter, the Reflex cut down outboard length considerably, improved handling drastically and gave a very secure mount due to the fact there was an over-barrel bush at the rear, which really improved stability and strength.

Having got one for my Steyr Scout and another for my AR15, I considered the Reflex design the benchmark. However there are other ways to skin a cat, as I was to discover. In terms of an alternative you had the Ase Utra Jet-Z, which was a muzzle-mounted design, but much smaller than the Vaimco or L.E.I. That apparently gave equal performance to say a comparable BR Tuote design. A number of my friends had these and extolled their virtues, as they were smaller and lighter, but I was not convinced simply due to the single mounting point. I also thought that the lack of an expansion chamber would make it sound louder too…

Chance Meeting

My first experience of the Jet-Z Compact came when I borrowed an example off the importers for a look. I fitted it to my .223 AR15 in place of my favoured BR Tuote T8 AR and what a difference it made. Apart from adding a bit more length to the rifle, it was a lot slimmer and in terms of noise reduction very different. Made from carbon steel it weighs 550-grams and measures 40 x 180mm with 150mm adding to the overall gun length.

Jackson Rifles

To my ears the Reflex always seemed to have a long, drawn-out ‘bewap’ signature. Whereas as the Compact sounded shorter yet with a good moderation effect and not the slightest bit of what I call ear sting. Looking at a sectioned Jet-Z shows a labyrinth of baffles in what can only be described as a Z-shape. This obviously works and without an expansion chamber either. The Compact is rated for a reduction of 29-32 Db A and unlike the thin steel B R Tuote is built like a tank and offers a two year warranty, but frankly I feel it would last a lifetime, if properly maintained.


Since then Ase Utra brought out the S5, which is another small and bijou design that’s even shorter, though wider than the Compact. All stainless steel it measures 45 x 122 mm with a 112mm length extension and weighs 580-grams. Though I have not seen the innards it seems to give the same sort of short but effective signature and is rated at 24-27Db A. It is built even tougher than the Compact, so should offer a near unlimited life span if properly cleaned.

Both the S5 and Compact are available in a number of models as to what calibre they can handle, I have only quoted here the ones I have tested. Like any moddy other useful benefits include a reduction in felt recoil, flash suppression and from my experience an increase in accuracy/consistency. The Compact on my AR15 also ups the velocity by around 70 fps too. Recently I tested an S5 on a 308 Winchester (Sauer 202) and a Compact on a 30-06 (Mauser M 03).

On Paper

On paper the S5 is slightly less efficient, but to my ear the two cans did not sound really that different and did the job equally well. Visually - and this may sound daft - the S5 is a bit homely looking; especially in its silver finish and I prefer the longer/slimmer and darker look of the Compact. I thought it was just me, but it would appear that this is quiet a common view.

The single point of contact issue I have with muzzle-mounted designs in general has pretty much been dispelled by using both these cans over the last few month. Though there is still a tiny nagging doubt and worry about bashing it. But a look at the way they fit on shows there is really not a problem with security. I have also been using a .25” bore S5 on my M 03’s 223 barrel and I think by comparison to a full size T8 in the same bore it’s not quite as efficient. As the T8’s large expansion chamber really seems to handle that smaller volume of gas produced in about the most efficient way possible.

If you want something smaller and tough, when compared to the larger Reflex-type designs, with as good moderation, then I would suggest you see what Ase Utra Oy has to offer…

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Technical Specifications
Name Ase Utra S5 £230 Ase Utra Jet-Z Compact £272

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

Jackson Rifles
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User Comments
  • Ugh I'm in a fix. I have a new AR15 on the way in the next fortnight and I just can't decide on what suppressor/moddy to get. I have an S5 on my .30-06 and what a good job it does, it's built like a tank and will probably last all my life. Now I ordered a 12.5" bbl on my AR15 because I want a nice compact rifle. I was going to get a T4AR for it, but came across the Jet-Z Compact in my local gunshop. It feels just as good as my S5 and felt so right in my hand. What's putting me off is the length it will add compared to the T4AR.

    Suggestions/comments welcome!

    Comment by: Pete Williams     Posted on: 18 May 2009 at 11:36 PM

  • Hmm, you say a 12.5" barrel. First of all is there enough length in front of the AR's forend to accept a reflex moderator? It strikes me that there may not be!

    The Jet-Z Compact is a super can I have one for my AR and another for my 6.5 Grendel CZ. Muzzle-mounted they will add around 5-6" to the overall length and are heavy being thicker steel. If as I suspect there is not enough barrel sticking out you might have to go with the JZ.

    If the T4AR fits then it will reduce overall length and be a little lighter than the JZ. The difference in moderation effect is minimal, as both are good designs. However, being lighter steel the T4 needs regular maintenance; if not they will rot all too quickly. However, a spray of oil inside when you first get it followed by a spray after each firing session should keep it fit for many years.

    Comment by: Pete Moore     Posted on: 19 May 2009 at 10:20 AM

  • It's being fitted with a Daniel Defense Lite Rail 7.0, if I've done my sums right then the T4AR will fit. We will have to wait and see though, lol.

    Comment by: Pete Williams     Posted on: 20 May 2009 at 02:40 PM

  • Ah, now I see your cunning plan... Send me a pic of the rifle when it's finished.
    Good luck

    Comment by: Pete Moore     Posted on: 20 May 2009 at 03:53 PM

  • Yeah will do, should be with me in the next couple of weeks.

    Comment by: Pete Williams     Posted on: 20 May 2009 at 11:31 PM

  • Haven't forgotten! Just waiting on it to be completed.

    Comment by: Pete Williams     Posted on: 18 Jun 2009 at 09:45 PM

  • Cool; looking forward to seeing it.

    Comment by: Pete Moore     Posted on: 19 Jun 2009 at 09:58 AM

  • which moderator would be best used on a walther p22 pistol in .22lr?

    Comment by: Mark     Posted on: 09 May 2010 at 04:24 AM

  • I have limited knowledge of pistol moderators, as here in the UK we can't own handguns. Both models mentioned are for centrefire rifles, so perhaps a bit over the top for a 22 rimfire pistol. I'd probably go for a dedciated rimfire like the Ase Utra version.


    Comment by: Pete Moore     Posted on: 10 May 2010 at 10:41 AM

  • Hi. I've got a 308 win and currently running a p8 can which IMO is rather loud! Thinking about a pes t12 of jet z compact.. Which will give better sound reduction?

    Comment by: Aaron Trist     Posted on: 27 May 2012 at 10:39 PM

  • come on ase make a stainless steel jet z compact

    Comment by: kris griffith     Posted on: 31 Mar 2014 at 07:32 PM

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Ase Utra Oy Jet-Z Compact and S5 Moderators
Ase Utra Oy Jet-Z Compact and S5 Moderators
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