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Best of 20 bore Gameload Cartridges

Eley VIP Game 20g – 28, 30 and 32 grams

One or two shooters subconsciously feel a fraction under gunned when using a 20 bore. Not so with a couple of Eley VIP Game loads in the chambers, their performance the equal of a high proportion of 12 bore ammo. Hard hitting, comfortable to shoot over extended periods whilst given the variety of shot and load size, a cartridge serving nicely for a variety of live quarry purposes and a load I’ve put to good use on numerous occasions.

Available with either fibre or photo degradable wads, as the name would suggest Eley’s 20g VIP Game draws heavily from its competition counterpart. Delivered in the familiar yellow plastic case that instantly identifies each cartridge as to its gauge size along with bright red printing, whether it’s a 28, 30 or 32 gram charge, each 2¾” cartridge is loaded up with Eley’s usual attention to detail shot in either 5’s, 6’s or 7’s, each one ideally suited to pheasant, partridge or smaller close range game. Splitting the chrono with an average observed velocity of 1,100fps whilst delivering a consistent minimum 89% or more pattern distribution. Interestingly whatever shot size, load or wad you go for the price is an across the board £6.70p per box of twentyfive. 

Hull Pro Twenty 20g – 21, 24 and 28 grams

Technically not an out and out game load, when it comes to a good all round 20 bore cartridge you’ll have to go a long way to top Hull’s Pro Twenty. Be it clays, squirrels, crows or fast jinking snipe, a quick charge from a Hull Pro Twenty sorts ‘em out fine style. But whilst the Pro Twenty’s performance is everything you’d look for at the business end, Hull have ensured the shooter enjoys one of the softest shooting performance loads on the market.

Available in both plastic and fibre wads with the option of 21, 24 or 28 grams loads of 7½’s or 8’s don’t let the diminutive shot size put you off. And whilst towering pheasants and scorching driven partridge may not be the ideal target for these Hull’s, an evening on the woodcock or flighting some unsuspecting corvids is definitely Pro Twenty territory especially with some tight chokes fitted. Yellow plastic 2¾” cased with short brass, pellet quality is up there with the best whilst the average observed speed works out at a consistent 1,200fps. Price wise look to pay about £6.05p for a box of plaswad, £6.90p for the fibre.

Gamebore Pure Gold 20g – 28 and 30 grams

Rated as one of the best game loads on the market it’s hardly surprising that Gamebore’s Pure Gold 20 bore game ammo is every inch the equivalent of its larger 12g sibling. Designed to take on the highest, fastest birds you’ll encounter, especially infeasible driven pheasants and rocket propelled grouse, choke up tight and watch the birds fall out of the sky.

Yellow cased as might be expected with relatively deep brass for a 20g, shooters can choose from 28 or 30g loads all charged up with Gamebore’s famous T2 propellant and highly polished, trademark ‘Diamond Shot’, tight chokes deliver a 94% or more pattern distribution at forty yards with an average observed muzzle velocity in excess of 1,224fps. Available with either fibre or plaswads, anticipate paying around £7.50p per box of twentyfive irrespective of shot size for what is one of the best 20 bore game loads you’ll ever chamber up.

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • I bought a 100 Eley VIPs last year in 20 bore 5s fibre wad 28g as I could not get the Western Ranger cartridge anymore. I had always used Rangers since going over to a 20 bore a few years ago, that were excellent giving clean kills nine times out of ten.
    They shot OK at clays during pratice but in the field they did not make one clean kill, especially at decoying pigeons.
    I had deliver a second shot at the bird flaping about on the ground, every time, doubling my cartridge use and ruining my averages. Bolting rabbits rolled over and ran on. Pheasant were all runners, during walk up and I lost some the Dog could not find.
    I will never ever use these caridges again. USLESS!

    Comment by: john atkins     Posted on: 08 Jan 2012 at 05:41 PM

  • I agree with all the comments of John Atkins above.
    I had exactly the same problem with 32grams and 30grams.
    I think is down to the velocity of the cartriges .only 1100 fps.!!!
    We should look for fps above 1400.
    What was the fps of theWester Ranger John?

    Comment by: Demos Diomious     Posted on: 28 Apr 2015 at 01:59 AM

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Best of 20 bore Gameload Cartridges
Best of 20 bore Gameload Cartridges
Best of 20 bore Gameload Cartridges
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