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Hatsan Hand Pump

There’s been a glut of ‘hand pumps’ released in a relatively short space of time. Personally I think new technology has made them more efficient, attracting the airgun shooters who originally shied away from pre-charged pneumatic rifles due to the extra diving bottle and associated kit that you had to buy – and keep charged up.

It is quite feasible to fill a rifle with air from completely empty, but it can be strenuous, so I just use a pump for ‘topping up’ when the air pressure in my rifle drops below a usable level.

Branching out

Hatsan are surprising a lot of shooters with the quality of the air rifles they’re producing, and now that they make pre-charged pneumatics it’s little wonder that they’ve brought out their own pump for those who are beginning to like the Hatsan ‘brand.’

The Hatsan Hand Pump comes ‘flat-packed’ in four major sections of handle, pump assembly, base and hose. It comes with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble the pump, how to use it correctly and advice on general maintenance. The handle screws onto the top and is tightened by hand. The base of the pump is clipped into the base and held secure by a large pin that passes through the rear holes in the base and a hole in the pump assembly. This secures the base and pump assembly but allows it to pivot to give an optimum pumping angle.

The air hose (supplied) screws into the outlet hole at the bottom of the pump assembly and you’re ready to attach the correct filling adaptor for your air rifle.

Well designed

The ergonomically designed pump handle has synthetic grips plus a very useful built in moisture trap and particle filter. This protects your air rifle and the pump from damage by water, dust and grit. There’s an additional storage compartment in the opposite side of the handle, handy for small parts and spare filling adaptors.

Once fully assembled you begin to appreciate how well designed and built this pump is. The pressure gauge is easily visible from the pumping position and is sensibly recessed into the cast casing that surrounds it for extra protection.

The pump has a maximum 230-bar fill pressure, and the pumping action is smooth and efficient. You will appreciate the tilting facility as it does help avert strain on the back muscles.

Using the pump to top up my Air Arms S410K at the required ‘time to charge mark’ took little effort and was done in approximately 5 mins. I’d say if you have a Hatsan PCP then why not keep the ‘top up’ pump you purchase in the family and purchase this.

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Technical Specifications
Model Hatsan Hand Pump
Handle width & diameter 10 ½” X 1 3/8”
Height assembled 26 ¼”
Base dimensions 8 ½” X 4 ¾”
Pump 'stroke' length 17”
Weight 8.7lbs approx.
Price £140 approx.

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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Hatsan Hand Pump
Hatsan Hand Pump
Hatsan Hand Pump
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