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MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope

MTC Optics are a relatively recent name on the scene; but with Gary Cooper and his wife Sammie at the helm, it’s an outfit that’s already hit the ground running.

Their experience on the Hunter Field Target circuit has resulted in the development of a range of scopes highly suitable for the sport, but they also have scopes to suit just about every air rifle discipline, so their company remit reaches further afield than just HFT.

For review here, is the 3-12x44 model taken from the Mamba range. It comes fitted with the German 4a reticle, a standard design but one that is surprisingly versatile in use – more of which in a moment. The scope shares the same rugged features as the range topping Viper series, and as you’ll see it comes rather well equipped. All MTC scopes are manufactured by Optisan, and seem to offer extremely good value for money, whilst keeping quality to an acceptable level.

A hunter’s scope

The Mamba spec scopes are all aimed primarily at hunting applications, and I have to say that when I first handled this model, the first impression was one of a quite heavy, solidly made product that should be retailing for double the asking price.

Just take in this specification and you’ll see what I mean: side wheel parallax adjustment; battery powered reticle illumination; variable magnification; integral flip-up lens covers; screw-on sunshade; and finally split ring mounts - all included in the price!

That German 4a reticle has 3 large square ended posts, with a fine hair going up from the centre. The centre point is effectively a floating dot within fine crosshairs that don’t quite meet, and is fine enough to allow for accurate shot placement, whilst fully seeing the target.

The turrets are covered by rubber sealed screw caps, which even conceal a spare battery for the illuminator. The finger adjustable turrets give 1/4inch at 100yds per click, with 6.5 full revolutions available. With a rotating outer ring to mark the point of zero, keeping track is simple. The adjustment clicks are reasonably positive and better than many, and all tracking of adjustments came in perfectly on test.

Side parallax focusing is something that has really taken off of late, and the benefits of being able to easily adjust the clarity whilst keeping on aim are obvious. This is a hunting scope remember, so parallax adjustment on the relatively low mag of 12x max. is mainly just to achieve a clear sight picture, rather than for any range finding properties. That said, it performs well, and the smooth dial does give a rough guide as to target distance - especially at close quarters.

To have metal flip-up lens covers which are actually fine-threaded into the scope body, is a classy feature, and on this Mamba, they add a real feeling of quality. If the sunshade is added, the cover just screws into this instead - neatly done!

In use, the German reticle was a delight, and I even found the centre area bracketed a 15mm circle at 25yds on 10.5x mag, so some homework will pay dividends in the field. Clarity from 10-45yds is usable, so whilst it’s perfect for hunting, HFT would also be possible, given the reticle proportions.

My only criticism concerns the illuminator, which (unless both batteries supplied were dodgy) seemed a little feeble (or just too subtle for my liking!) compared to some.

That apart, this scope really appeals, and with a robust high quality feel, sharp optics and a comprehensive package, it’s something of a snip at £184.

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Technical Specifications
Model MTC Mamba 3-12x44
Manufacturer Optisan
Reticle German 4a
Body Tube 30mm
Magnification 3-12x
Object lens 44mm
Weight 570g
Eye relief 3.5-3.2"
Battery CR2032
Price £184

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • Very milky scopes and I went threw 2 vipers and 2 mambas to end up with my money back.
    Clearly a impulse buy on looks with these and I would suggest you take a good look at all mechanical parts for just incase some thing may fall off.
    Also check the paralax adjuster to see if it actually adjusts.
    MTCs excuse is they often have bad batch's,my reply is (to many bad batch's and keep away),just because there in with the gun mags,infact gary being a air gunner reporter,does not mean you should buy.
    Check ebay and the forums scope section and I guarantee you will see many vipers and mambas then ask your self the question why?

    I must add there customer service is very good and they replaced my scope 3 times,3times to many so got my money on the 4th.

    Comment by: jay     Posted on: 30 May 2009 at 11:32 PM

  • Classic case of a product designed to a marketing brief, not by engineers. High spec, low quality, high price. Very poor glass. Avoid.

    Comment by: andrew kin     Posted on: 31 Jul 2009 at 04:22 AM

  • I have a Viper 4-16x50IR and 3-12x44IR, both are excellent scopes.The optics are so bright and clear. My only moan is the finish is a bit weak and has no endurance for in the field work.
    I agree they seem to have some problems but i am well pleased with mine!!!

    Comment by: Kevin Baker     Posted on: 01 Apr 2010 at 10:56 PM

  • My Theoben Eliminator FAC gas ram is fitted with a MTC Mamba lite.

    Been using the scope for about a year, good clear picture and seems to handle the Eliminators recoil ok, for the price paid I have no gripes, tried very hard to buy a scope not made in China, had to settle for one that had some German association, anyway MTC are OK.

    Comment by: John Stoneman     Posted on: 18 Jun 2012 at 07:41 PM

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MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
MTC Mamba 3-12x44 scope
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