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Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator

A few months ago I tested my first titanium, reflex moderator and it left me with mixed feelings. On the plus side the reduction in weight compared to a steel can was most impressive, as was the strength and longevity of the material. On the down side the price then at £599 was expensive. However, there is now another choice available from a company called Quicksilver (UK) Ltd.

Quicksilver is an American design, but due to the post 911 tightening up of US regulations concerning firearms and accessories they are not allowed to be exported. Enter George Balbino who used the moderators in the US and obviously liked them enough to set up an approved manufacturing facility in the UK to get round the prohibition. Giving us Brits another choice.

In for the long run

Titanium (ti) is a high strength, lightweight metal with exceptional heat resistant properties, so would seem the ideal material for a moderator as it’s near maintenance and corrosion free. However all this comes at a price, which effectively doubles the cost if not more compared to the standard alloy, steel and stainless models currently available. But you could equally argue once bought it’s there for life and will never need replacing.

Currently Quicksilver only offers muzzle-mounted cans, though a reflex design is on the cards for the military and it would seem likely this will eventually filter through to the civilian market. The model I have on test is for 243 Winchester but is also rated up to .30” cal use given the wider baffle aperture required.

Quicksilver offers a wide range of product from 17 centrefire all the way up and through the 300 and 338 magnums to .50 BMG. They also make a moderator for the German Sport Gun GSG5 (aluminium alloy) and have rimfire moddies for 22 and 17HMR.


For the test I selected two other cans as control - a PES Muzzle Mounted rated up to 243 Win and the A-TEC Reflex. The former compares in size and weight to the Quicksilver and the latter is on par with the industry standard BR Tuote T8.

The QS measures 8.75 x 1.25” and weighs just 12oz. Inside are seven, cone-shaped baffles plus a blast baffle at the rear. The standard coating is Titanium Nitride PVD with the options of bead blasted or polished finishes should you prefer. Just about any thread form is possible; my test unit came in ½ x 20” UNF.

The new generation of moderators come with an M18x1tpi master thread and the possibility to use adaptors for Mauser, Blaser, M15x1, M14x1, ½” UNF and UNEF. They can also supply units to suit RPA and Accuracy International barrel interfaces. These are achieved by using custom end caps rather than adaptors, as the thread size is too large to mate with the master M18x1tpi on the moddies.

More than acceptable

The 243-30 was used on my 243 Weatherby Vanguard SUB-MOA with a selection of ammo from 58 to 100-grains. When compared to the A-TEC I could discern no real difference in noise output, though it obviously dropped it down to safe levels as there was no nasty kick at the ear on firing. A suppression of 30 dB is quoted and it sounds fine.

The A-TEC is an all aluminium design and weighs 1lb 4oz, with an overall length of 10 ¾” with a diameter of 1 ¾” and an outboard length of 6”, which is a lot when compared to a BR Tuote. By comparison the QS adds 8” to the barrel, which is quite long.

The PES sounded sharper/louder, certainly getting into unpleasant territory for ears. However, and in fairness, this has a shorter baffle stack and though rated up to 243 it’s definitely more at home on 223 Rem etc. I used this as it’s just ¾” shorter and weighs the same 12oz of the QS

A moddy for life?

The Quicksilver certainly works in terms of moderation effect as well as the larger reflex-type moddies, though being muzzle-mounted it’s very long. But on the flip side it’s also light, so you have to balance these two contrasting factors. The nearest thing commercially to it is the all-aluminium, A-TEC MMC-4 (Muzzle Mounted Compact) alu. This is a two inches shorter and four ounces lighter, but being alloy you do have the problem of gas cutting of the baffles after prolonged use.

I certainly like what the Quick Silver has to offer in terms of light weight and moderation effect, though at 8” outboard; it does however make even a shorter barrelled rifle quite long and unhandy. Then of course we have the price, which is not inconsiderable, but you have the added benefit of a near bomb proof construction that should last a life time. No doubt the reflex version when it arrives will prove interesting.

Light package and effective moderation

Quite long adding 8” to your barrel

It certainly works efficiently but the price is something you can either stand or not

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Technical Specifications
Name Quicksilver 243-30
Price £534.62 Titanium thread adaptors £40 + vat

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • Who imports the Quicksilvers? I cannot find a retailer who stocks them.
    Many thanks on the article.

    Comment by: Robin     Posted on: 10 Jul 2014 at 08:11 PM

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Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator
Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator
Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator
Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator
Quicksilver Titanium 243-30 Moderator
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