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Rowan Adjustable Butt Pad Mounting Kit

Not long back we featured the Rowan ‘SSL’ single-shot loading clip for Daystate PCP’s, which came about as a request from a Daystate Owners Club member. A well designed gadget, as they’re selling like hot cakes. Then another owner enquired if they could make an adjustable butt pad for a Mk4, trouble was, he wanted to retain the original Daystate logo on the rubber butt pad.

Not that simple

It was then that Derek Rose and his twin brother Dave (Rowan Engineering) both thought maybe this wasn’t going to be that simple. Designing something that will use the original rubber butt pad at first seems difficult until you realise it doesn’t need cutting to size, just mounting on moving ‘plates.’ The problems arise when it also needs to have a discreet locking device, not accessed through the back of the butt pad.

The first hurdle was cleared after mounting the original butt pad to a sized aluminium plate with two small pins projecting outwards set apart towards the top. These mate up to the stock plate which has lengthy runs of parallel vertical slots for the pins to locate into and slide up and down. The locking mechanism is known as a cheese head screw. To install it requires you drill the back of the stock to accommodate its position and not hinder function. The side oblong cut outs in the plates, allows the use of the stainless steel lever lock bar (provided) to release and lock down the plates once they’re adjusted. Quite ingenious but a lot of work for a bespoke unit so they decided to make an off-the-shelf kit for Mk4 owners.


As owners of other models of Daystate PCP’ asked for one, they discovered the dimensions for the Mk4 plates were the same as the Huntsman, Air Ranger and some AirWolfs. They realised the measurements were in general the same across the board for many Daystates, except in certain production years. Rowan soon twigged they could produce a reasonable amount of standard kits. For those a bit uncertain they can check dimensions against those given on the website too.

The Daystate Adjustable Butt Pad is available in three set sizes and includes full fitting accessories. It gives a vertical adjustment of 5mm upward and 40mm downward. It comes with full instructions to fit and if I can do it anybody can…  Watch out soon for a step-by-step Workshop piece on fitting these very useful kits.

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Technical Specifications
Name The Adjustable Butt Pad Mounting Kit for Daystate Air Rifles
Price £48.50 for Mk4 and Ranger – Black Anodised available to order

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • where can I buy the adjustable butt pad mounting kit for daystate air rifles?

    Comment by: william white     Posted on: 15 Jun 2013 at 05:10 PM

  • Go to www.rowanengineering.com and order online..

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 15 Jun 2013 at 05:28 PM

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Rowan Adjustable Butt Pad Mounting Kit
Rowan Adjustable Butt Pad Mounting Kit
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