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Sako Rubber Bolt Knobs

A large bolt knob can improve the ergonomics of a bolt action, particularly when the weather is cold enough to make gloves a necessity, but until recently the only way to get one was to get a gunsmith to fit a replacement in alloy, steel, or wood. The result looks smart of course, but comes at a price, and can create storage issues, especially with PCP air rifles, where the bolt is not generally removable.

Bushwear’s Sako-branded rubber bolt knobs represent a cheap alternative. Just push them on over your existing bolt knob – a little washing-up liquid helps here - and you’ve got a large, tactile bolt control that won’t scratch or dent anything else in the cabinet and can be removed for summer use, if you change your mind, or if you decide to upgrade to something smarter. In this last respect the Sako branding is a mixed blessing, because it is applied via a decal that readily scuffs and peels. All the same, at just £10 each, they’re a great way to enhance the ergonomics of your rifle. Being rubber, they stretch to fit pretty much everything too: I’ve used them on Tikkas, Remington 700s, CZ centrefires and rimfires, and even Daystate PCPs with perfect results. For more information contact Bushwear on 0845 226 0469 or e.mail www.bushwear.co.uk

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Sako Rubber Bolt Knobs
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