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H & N Pellet Test

H & N Pellet Test

H&N are well known for producing top quality airgun pellets, the latest offering being the unusual looking Baracuda Hunter Extreme. Seems the giant German pellet manufacturers have decided to really go left of field on the design of this largely and loosely termed hollow point heavy weight pellet. It’s available in .22 and .25 with weight of 19.09gr and 28.4gr respectively. To quote the manufacturers themselves: ‘A heavy exceptionally accurate hunting pellet for long ranges. The head has a cross-shaped hollow tip for tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer.’ I’ve tested a lot of slugs in my time so is this new design cosmetic or effective?


If you want to see a strange looking pellet then this is certainly one to intrigue you. Obviously even before loading for test the old adage ‘an odd looking pellet more often than not will behave oddly’ came into my mind but on close scrutiny they’re quite exceptionally manufactured. The head actually looks designed to take a posi-head screwdriver but the centre is much wider than any screw head so that’s where you get the hollow point designation from. At almost 20-grains in .22 calibre these are heavy slugs for a 12ft lb air rifle but after a few test shots, I soon discovered they flew true, but the trajectory isn’t going to be to every airgun hunter’s taste.

However, at 12-15yds they grouped with kill-zone accuracy and the whack at the target was ‘big.’ Talking big I’ll fully test the .25calibre in a special article I’m doing on the big slug. As for the pellet itself, they’re worth a try but in my opinion, only of interest to the close range rat man and feral pigeon culler.


  • Give the 177 a go, excellent accuracy, and good deformation on rabbit head shots, but watch the power with some air rifles, had to tune mine down as was .75lbs higer than the H&n baracuda set for

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    chris gardner
    02 Jan 2013 at 06:35 PM

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