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Wasp No1 & No3 Airgun Pellets

Wasp No1 & No3 Airgun Pellets

Airgunners of a certain age will remember pressing Wasp pellets into the barrels of our cherished springers. Originally manufactured by Eley, this iconic pellet now returns to the scene thanks to John Rothery Wholesale.

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Now simply named Wasp No.1 and Wasp No.3, the numerical denotation indicates which calibre they are, those being .177 and .22, respectively. The pellets are good quality and straight out of the tin they show no deformity. Also, there are no signs of any debris, which can often be left over from the manufacturing process. This obviously means Rothery’s has paid a lot of attention to quality control.

The .177 pellets weigh in at 8.18-grains and the .22, 14.66-grains, making them a useful mid-weight slug. For those unfamiliar with the originals, they look very much like them, although they aren’t made from the original dies. They are a roundhead (diablo) shaped pellet with a long smooth skirt and quite a small waist in comparison to the head. Talking of which, the head, although round, has a squashed top/front end. The reason for the head shape is that it allows the pellet to be aerodynamic and due to the larger top area, the pellet transfers more energy to the target. While the price point for both pellets would suggest otherwise, both calibres of Wasp will prove to be ideal hunting pellets.

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  • Name: Wasp No.1 and No.3 Airgun Pellets
  • Price: £5.95 & £5.49, respectively Supplied in tins of 500
  • Contact: John Rothery - www.bisley-uk.com