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Forster Neck Tension Gauge

Forster Neck Tension Gauge

Having correct and consistent case neck tension is vital for reloading quality ammunition and the Forster Neck Tension Gauge allows you to very quickly and accurately measure the inside diameter of your cases to ensure they have been correctly resized.

Like a shotgun choke gauge, this tool has four stepped-diameter sections that increase in size towards the handle. Each diameter is clearly etched above each section for easy reading, with the calibre further up the stem. Simply insert the stepped end into the neck of the case and slide it in until one of the diameters offers a close slip fit into the case neck.

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You can use the tool to inspect and sort batches of cases by mouth diameter before bullet seating, to ensure a consistent case neck tension, and also to fine-tune your resizing operation to suit a particular bullet. This means that you can optimise the inside neck diameter and achieve more consistent bullet release and chamber pressures.

Using this tool is much easier and quicker than either trying to measure the inside diameter with a caliper or measuring the outside diameter of the case neck and then measuring and deducting the brass thickness.

The Forster Neck Tension Gauge is available in five different calibres, sold either individually or in a cased set, and although not cheap, they are a very accurate and easy tool to use, and well worth investing in.


  • Name: : Forster Neck Tension Gauge
  • Price: : £58.30
  • Contact: : Hannam’s Reloading - www.hannamsreloading.com