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MTM Divided Ammo Crate

MTM Divided Ammo Crate

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In a world of injection moulded polymer products of dubious longevity, MTM’s vast range of tough, durable accessories still stands tall. The latest Divided Ammo Crate continues their modular product line with a multitude of uses far beyond that of just its name. Any items you store are protected against crushing, water and dust ingress in a sport that inherently invites such factors. The polypropylene moulding carries multiple ribs to retain its stiffness and resist both impact and slippage when stacked. The outer surface carries a stippled finish for grip, with twin handles on the ends as well as strong latches to maintain a tight closure. There’s a rubber seal surrounding the opening and three slots internally allow the dividers to be positioned where you like, in order to fit whatever you need to store in the 460x230x150mm (18x9x6”) space inside. MTM has added four padlocking points next to the latches for security and the internal dividers click in and out of position with a secure hold, so they won’t accidentally lift out if snagged when removing items from the case. The case is rated to carry up to 34kg (75lbs) of relatively dense ammo, so it certainly won’t struggle with mixed contents. These cases will last a lifetime and still proudly state: “Made in the USA”.


  • Name: MTM Divided Ammo Crate
  • Price: £28.50
  • Contact: Hannam's Reloading - www.hannamsreloading.co.uk