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Recta DP2 standard field compass

Recta DP2 standard field compass

Measuring only 67mm x 45mm x 22mm (closed - 177mm open) and weighing only 54gm, the Recta DP2 is a sturdy and practical compass that can be used as a “base plate”, hand-bearing and “sighting” type compass for accurate navigation.

Recta’s “DP” compasses are the original versions of the Swiss Army compasses and are strong and easy to use.

The green Noryl case protects the compass capsule and acts as the base plate for the compass when it is being used with a map, and incorporates luminescent markings for “sighting” the compass on the top surface, side markings at 5mm intervals for accurate distance measurement and a pull cord/neck lanyard for opening the case.

Pulling on the cord opens the compass ‘drawer’ revealing the compass capsule (available in degrees or mils) and the drop-down metal mirror for using the DP2 as a sighting compass.

The DP2 is the most basic of Recta’s DP range of compasses, but is highly accurate, the needle swinging on a sapphire bearing in an anti-static fluid-filled capsule, very robust, compact and user friendly.

Available with full instructions and a 5-year warranty, the Recta DP2 Standard Field Compass costs around £.29.99.


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