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Anglo Arms 10” Hunting Knife

Within the Anglo Arms product range there is this stainless steel deluxe hunting knife which really does represent one of the best value for money products that I have seen for a while. Having described it as one of their most popular knives, wellcrafted and meticulously designed, I was very keen to check it out!

The knife’s total length is 10 inches and it weighs in at around 220g/7.7oz which represents a comfortable weight to carry around in the Nylon sheath which is provided.

Build Features

Starting at the handle, the knife features a full tang design with about 0.5cm stock steel; a good start as it represents one of the strongest of all the knife designs. The scales are made from a very nice wood, forming a solid handle that follows the contours of the tang perfectly, making for a very well-finished grip.

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A well-designed and executed single finger groove is positioned at the top, merging into the single quillon/half guard for the users fore finger. They have fitted a steel spacer between the top of each of the scales and the half guard, which they have also constructed out of the same wood and riveted in place. A lanyard hole is incorporated into the base of the handle.

The Blade

Here is where this particular knife becomes a bit different, as the knife itself resembles a straight back design with a few characteristics from an upswept blade. A straight back would normally have a dull spine allowing the user to use their fingers to concentrate force. This blade does have a small section allowing this but over 50% is in fact a false edge more in keeping with a long clip-point bladed knife. The false edge itself also features three cut out grooves towards the tip.

If you are looking for a bargain priced hunting knife then this is definitely one to check out. Good quality, stylish and practical, this is a lot of knife for £14.99!

To find your nearest stockist of the Anglo Arms 10 inch Deluxe Hunting Knife from Anglo Arms, contact Sporting Wholesale on 0845 1242929.

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