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Armex Quad Tool

Armex Quad Tool

Most conventional multi-tools are carried in a belt pouch and feature a variety of tools. I’ve just been sent a compact wallet tool that could be quite handy, it obviously won’t take the place of the pliers type tools but could solve a few problems and as it fits in your wallet, you’ve always got it with you. Measuring 7cm by 4.5cm and 1.5mm thick, the stainless steel is strong enough to withstand some abuse. The top right corner features a flat blade screwdriver and there’s a short ruler along the right edge. The top has a 3cm long cutting blade and a shorter cutting edge at an angle in the top left corner that’s used for opening tin cans. I tested it and opened a tin of soup in 30-seconds, so well up to the task!

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The left side has a short saw blade; you’re not going to cut down any trees with it but could be useful for cutting small things I guess. A cut-out in the top is a bottle opener and once again this works very well! There are also a couple more cut-outs that can be used to tighten or loosen nuts, from around 4mm to 9mm; again this isn’t going to replace a set of spanners but you never know when it might come in handy… If you don’t want to keep it in your wallet, a lanyard hole is drilled in the bottom left corner. Okay, this might seem a bit gimmicky but if you think of this as a very efficient emergency beer bottle opener (for those all-important emergency beers!) that has a can opener and various other useful features, it’s quite a good buy and having it to hand is worth its weight in gold.

PRICE: £4.99
CONTACT: www.armex.co.uk

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