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Clip & Carry Kydex Sheaf

Clip & Carry Kydex Sheaf

Whenever you need to access a multi-tool it always seems to be when you only have one free hand, making getting it out of its closed pouch a bit fiddly. The Clip & Carry Kydex sheath overcomes this by providing a very secure clamshell-holster type carry allowing you to take the multi-tool out with one hand. The amount of ‘grip’ that it holds the multi-tool with is adjustable and once you have the tension set just right the tool is held very securely but is also easy to lift our when needed.

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The heavy duty clip will fit belts up to 1.75-inches wide and it keeps the sheath securely in place when you pull the multitool out. The height at which it sits on the belt can be adjusted using the two screws on the back. Although the clip does grip your belt very securely you can easily remove it by lifting the open bottom edge of the clip and lifting the whole thing up and off. If you are sitting down, driving, or in a situation where carrying a bladed item on your belt is not allowed, you can take it off without too much effort.

Rainbow range

The sheaths are available for a large range of multitools and they are all shown on the Whitby & Co. website, so you can check that there is one for your particular tool. Available in a range of colours, the sheath can either blend in or stand out, with the bright orange version being particularly useful if you are one of those people that puts things down and loses them.


This is a very useful item that has been well thought out. It gives a very secure hold on the tool while giving you quick and easy access to it when needed. It will stand up to all weathers and the brighter coloured models will help prevent you leaving your valuable multi-tool behind.

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  • Name: Clip and Carry Kydex Sheath (sheath on test fits Leatherman Wave+)
  • RRP: £29.95
  • Contact: Whitby & Co: whitbyandco.co.uk