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Gerber Suspension NXT Multi tool

Gerber Suspension NXT Multi tool

The Gerber Suspension- NXT is a black oxide finish, stainless steel butterfly opener. It measures 3.75” closed, 6 ½” in the open position and weighs approximately 7oz. When opened, it reveals a pair of spring-loaded needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters and stranded wire strippers.

The outboard tools are accessed when the Gerber is in the closed position and deploy using either elongated thumbholes, thumb nicks or raised hubs. Tools include a 2 ¼” serrated combination blade, spring action Fiskars scissors, bottle opener, awl, file, extended reach real crosshead screwdriver, large/medium/ small flathead drivers and a can opener. All lockout in the open position with Gerber’s patented Saf. T. Plus mechanism.

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When closed, the handles curve outwards to become wider towards the head, which creates a natural and comfortable holding position. This in turn results in a very safe and assured grip when using any outboard tool and offers the user a higher level of dexterity.

When open, the outer side of both handles displays a slight outward curve, giving an equally comfortable hold for using the sprung pliers, which also have the benefit of having a very generous gape.

Although there are other Gerber multi-tools that have similar outboard tools to offer, the Suspension-NX is one of the more ergonomic options on the company’s roster that also combines a host of useful field tools in a highly portable package.

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  • Name: Gerber Suspension-NXT Black Multi-Tool with Nylon Pouch
  • Price: £54.95
  • Contact: Thomas Jacks - www.thomasjacks.co.uk