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Leatherman Rebar Multi tool Coyote & Black

Leatherman Rebar Multi tool Coyote & Black

When the Rebar was added to the company’s very comprehensive range of multi-tools, it soon become a favourite amongst their medium-sized, generalpurpose multi-tools and is now available in several formats and finishes.

And while Leatherman fans will immediately recognise the iconic boxlike shape, as first seen in Tim Leatherman’s original PST design, the noteworthy feature of this tool is the pliers have been optimised for strength and now feature replaceable hard-wire/ wire cutters. This feature alone is a USP because it’s the first time the company have integrated these into a multi-tool of this size.

Compact & familiar

Measuring only 4” when closed and weighing in at 6.7oz, the butterfly opening, all stainless steel Rebar holds a host of useful tools. Immediately upon opening, you can actually feel that you’re holding a very tactile tool but what’s equally appealing is the company’s familiar plier head format of needlenose pliers, regular pliers and the newly integrated replaceable dual-duty wire cutters.

Well treated

The handles show a Cerakote coating in a very stylish Coyote colour. In the hold, this outer treatment gives you a warm, assured grip that many users will welcome on a chilly day. To add to the stylish appearance of this model, all tools have a black oxide finish that as well as being cosmetically appealing, also affords extra protection.

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The handles are also ideally sized in proportion to the tools they hold. They allow a very comfortable grip, even in the open position for using the pliers and offer enough length for the user to apply a lot of force when required. They also come together very precisely when closed and form quite a substantial and deep-set platform to operate any tool from, while the rounded corners allow the Rebar to feel comfortable in use.

Inside out

All outboard tools are accessed from the insides of the handles, deploying easily courtesy of either thumb nicks or lugs. The tools include a double-sided file, small and medium flat head screwdrivers, full-sized Phillips head screwdriver, awl (with thread loop), 3” fine edge knife blade, 3” fully serrated knife blade, can/bottle opener, lanyard ring and a very aggressively edged, 3” wood saw.

All tools ‘lock out’ very securely and safely courtesy of Leatherman’s patented lock-out mechanism, which requires a firm press of the thumb on the outer edge of the large, heavy-duty rocker catch found on each handle, just behind the tool’s pivot pin. This then loosens its hold and allows any tool deployed to be returned into the handle.


The Leatherman Rebar is a very well-designed multitool, with all the features most will find useful to have in the field. It’s robust, while the inclusion of replaceable hard wire/wire cutters helps elevate this model to a level many now expect of tools of this ilk.

It holds a well-thoughtout mix of blades and utility tools, plus has a superior plier head configuration that’s all in a compact format. Also, the feel of the handles is very reassuring when undertaking tasks in cold or wet weather.


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