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I have been a big fan of BUFFs since I first came across them in the 1990s and am never seen without at least one BUFF of some sort in my possession. Every BUFF product is incredibly versatile, practical, convenient and comfortable – from the Original BUFF, a simple seamless tube of 100% polyester fabric that can be worn in at least 13 different ways, to more technical Buffs such as the Hood BUFF.

In my opinion BUFFs are essential outdoor kit, and as they come in a constantly changing or evolving range of colours and prints, there is something there for the most flamboyant or the most conservative dresser!

Quick drying, wind-resistant, naturally stretchy, easy to wash and multi-functional – what is not to like about BUFFs!

A recent addition to the Angler Collection of Buffs are Original BUFFs, Cyclone BUFFs, Hood BUFFs, Polar BUFFs, Polar BUFF Reversible and High UV Protection BUFF in genuine Mossy Oak colourfast camouflage prints. I have been trying out several of the Mossy Oak Buff products, finding them all very useful.

Original BUFF in Mossy Oak Obsession (SRP £16.00)

This BUFF measures approx. 52 x 24.5cm, has no hems or seams and is treated with Polygiene to inhibit bacterial growth and odour build-up between washes, and weighs about 36g. The Original BUFF has the lowest of thermal insulation rating amongst BUFFs, but is, in my mind, the most versatile and I have worn Original BUFFs in the desert and on snow-capped mountains as everything from balaclavas to sun protection for burning legs!

The Mossy Oak Obsession is a wellknown camouflage print featuring lifelike colours, which works well in wooded environments, especially in spring.

High UV Protection BUFF in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity (SRP £17.00)

The High UV Protection BUFFs are made from Coolmax Extreme – a four-channel fibre that wicks sweat away from skin very quickly – and these BUFFs will block 95% of UV light for excellent sun protection, making them ideal for activities that might get you hot and bothered and exposed to the sun. Again, the fabric has a Polygiene silver ion treatment and is 100% polyester. The High UV Protection BUFF®s weigh about 37gm and measure about 51 x 24.5cm.

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The Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity pattern is a more subdued camouflage that the Obsession and has a great impression of depth and good contrast to break up any obvious silhouette.

Polar BUFF in Mossy Oak Duck Blind (SRP £26.00)

Polar BUFFs take an Original BUFF and attach a further length of Polartec Classic 100% polyester microfibre to one end to give around 24cm more length and extra warmth. Weighing about 60gm and measuring approx. 76 x 24.5cm, the Polar BUFF® is a good choice for cooler weather and is still incredibly versatile in the ways it can be worn. The fleece is printed on both sides with the camouflage pattern.

The Mossy Oak Duck Blind features lifelike images of reeds, grasses, corn etc. in earth colours which works well in a variety of environments, but especially marshland and stubble fields.

Cyclone BUFF in Mossy Oak Obsession (SRP £33.50)

Made from a 37cm length of double layer of BUFF microfibre plus a 23cm extension of Gore Windstopper fleece fabric, the Cyclone BUFF is the one to protect you from the wind! The microfibre section is, as the others, treated with Polygiene and the whole Cyclone BUFF is colourfast, will keep its elasticity, is machine washable and it only weighs about 153g.

The Windstopper section has a shaped hem and is also water resistant, creating a very versatile and weather-resistant garment.

The Mossy Oak Obsession I have described above, but it should be noted that the print appears brighter on the Gore Windstopper® fabric than on the microfibre.

There are more BUFF products and Mossy Oak patterns featured in the BUFF Angler Collection with the section here just highlighting a few of many available. All are superbly good for keeping you comfortable and concealed outdoors.

For more information visit www.buffwear.co.uk or call 01707 852 244.

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