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Jack Pyke Ashcombe Neoprene Wellingtons

Jack Pyke Ashcombe Neoprene Wellingtons

Amongst the massive selection of outdoor footwear, the most traditional is without question the Wellington Boot, and they’re the optimum choice when it comes to wet or boggy conditions. I’ve previously tested two models in the JP Ashcombe Wellington range, those being the Gusseted with buckle and Zipped Wellington. However, featured here are the Jack Pyke Ashcombe Neoprene Wellington Boots, which are also now available in Evolution camo.

Stylish to boot

From the outset, there’s no denying both have a very stylish appearance and are structured so that the majority of the top two-thirds of the boot are made of high-quality neoprene.

So, first up are the original Ashcombe Neoprene boots, which show dark green panels of Neoprene. The camo versions only differ in the respect of cosmetic appearance.

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On both versions, the rubber ‘mainframe’ is cleverly configured so that proportionate strengthening sections rise up front and rear, plus full-length strips reach up both the front and back to give extra support to the much more forgiving upper. Of importance here is that the boot opening has an approximate circumference of 18 ½”, but due to the stretchy nature of neoprene as a material, it will extend at least another ½” or so. There is a 3mm thick neoprene lining inside the top half of the boots for extra padding and full waterproof assurance.

Give way

The tough rubber lower section gives way to the very flexible Neoprene upper at just the right place. This allows for a superb level of flexibility, without compromising on protection from the elements or terrain. They stand at 15 ¾” high from the top to the underside of the sole. The high grip rubber outsole consists of generously sized, ridged lugs under the instep, which are surrounded on all sides by large cleats with a chunky, blocky appearance.

The wellies also have finger pull loops that are located top/rear and removal lugs at the base of the heel, for ease of exit. The rubber used is extremely durable and strong. Notably, on the original models, the colour is of a lighter green than the Evolution versions, which use a rubber with a much darker green hue. A nice touch by JP is the matte finish, which prevents any shine that could alert quarry.


The Jack Pyke Ashcombe Neoprene Wellington Boots are undoubtedly very well designed. They give a level of flexibility and unrestricted ease of movement that’s hard to find in a standard Wellington, and one I’m sure will prove exceedingly popular with the more active hunter and outdoorsmen.

As mentioned earlier, an extra tempter for some (especially hunters) is that the wellies are now available with the neoprene upper sections adorned with JP’s latest, English Oak Evolution camo design. However, whichever pair you choose, they’re both top quality, comfortable, tough and very stylish to boot.

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  • Name: Jack Pyke Ashcombe Neoprene Wellington Boot & Neoprene EVO
  • Price: £59.95
  • Sizes: 6-12 UK
  • Contact: Thatchreed Ltd - www.jackpyke.co.uk