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Percussion Rambouillet Wellington Boots

Percussion Rambouillet Wellington Boots

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The French brand, Percussion, manufacture a large selection of clothing and accessories suitable for a wide range of hunting disciplines, including, deer stalking, wildfowling, and pigeon shooting. Their range of Wellington boots include the featured Unisex Rambouillet, a design that includes a 25cm zip down the side, housed within extension bellows. There is also an adjustable strap, to tighten the boot around the calf. They are available in sizes 4-12, with the size 11s featured, offering an approximate 49cm calf measurement with the zip fully done up. They are handmade, using a triple-layer of soft and durable natural rubber, that helps make them flexible, comfortable and waterproof. Percussion have included an internal gusset behind the zip, to prevent any leaks and used a thick 4mm neoprene lining that is complimented by a layer of bright orange polarfleece, making them ideal for the winter months. The sole includes a steel insert for additional strength, a tread pattern designed to maximise grip and a removable inner sole that can be washed when required. There is also some anti-wear fabric in the heel to prevent friction. Testament to their quality, the fully assembled boots have been exposed to more than 300,000 flexions (125 miles) by the Centre Technique du Cuir (CTC), and showed no wear. They are available in brown and come with a 1-year warranty. A well-priced, comfortable option for shooters, that will keep the feet warm in the colder months.

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  • Name: Percussion Rambouillet Wellington Boots
  • Price: £89.90
  • Contact: www.wellies.com