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Jack Pyke Leather Cartridge Pouch

Jack Pyke Leather Cartridge Pouch

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Jack Pyke are well known in the UK for their wide range of clothing and accessories that covers almost all the shooting disciplines. When shotgun shooting in hot weather, storing spare cartridges in a coat or gilet is not always ideal. So, JP has come up with a sensibly priced solution, a leather cartridge pouch. It fits onto a belt via a generous loop that is almost the full width of the pouch which measures 33 x 19 cm. The leather is of a good quality, as is the double stitching which is done to give the belt loop more reinforcement, the seams are also bound with a further leather band. The pouch is divided into two compartments, and each one has a drainage/dust hole at the bottom. The front one comfortably holds 50, 12 bore cartridges which should be more than enough. The rear could hold more cartridges of a different shot size or load, as some clay shooters do have differing shot sizes loaded depending on the target, or other essential shooting paraphernalia. Overall, this is yet another well made bit of shooting kit from Jack Pyke.

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  • Price: £29.95
  • Contact: Thatchreed Ltd www.jackpyke.co.uk