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Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece - Jacket and Neck Gaiter

Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece - Jacket and Neck Gaiter

Shooting gear can be all about performance, and when the going gets tough, in bad conditions, or a hunting environment, for example, then looks of course, can be relegated way down the list. Sometimes though, it is nice to have kit that does a job, and looks smart into the bargain.

The ever-popular brand of Jack Pyke, have evolved their range of clothing over the last few years, and their latest catalogue is just brimming with kit, aimed at the serious outdoor enthusiast. On show here is their Countryman Fleece Jacket, and it’s a great combination of both style and substance!

Fashioned from 300g thermal material, this Fleece is certainly warm, but that said, it isn’t overly thick, so it isn’t excessive. Jack Pyke manufacture the Fleece in three colours, Navy, Light Olive, and Burgundy – and my test sample came supplied in the Burgundy, which I have to say is a lovely subtle shade, which has a classy air to it. It’s super cosy feeling too, but what sets this garment apart from cheap everyday rivals is of course the fit and finish, and it really does stand out. Running the full extent of the neck rim and zip line, is what Jack Pyke term ‘Nubuk Piping’, and this adds a sumptuous feel, as well as a really neat finish and look.

Comfort & detail

I requested XXL and that proved a perfect fit for my large frame, but this Fleece can be specified in Small right through to XXXL, so just about everyone should be catered for. The central ‘double puller’zip is neat and runs to the very top, and in conjunction with the trendy, stand up neck profile, snugness is a given believe me. There’s plenty of space in the arms, and the cuffs themselves are slightly elasticated too, so wind is kept out nicely.

Two lower large side hand pockets feature too, and these have full-length zips, and a strong re-enforced backing. For added snugness, there’s an elastic cord running around the bottom rim, and an adjustable toggle, so the waist can be drawn in and elasticated if desired.

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It’s worth mentioning the generous length of the body section too; a failing of many a fleece that comes up way too short, failing to do a proper job.

All-in-all then, the Countryman Fleece Jacket is a highly versatile garment, either to be worn underneath a winter coat in extreme weather, or smart enough to be worn in its own right, as a highly attractive, yet functional fleece. Fair value for money too when you look at the quality.

Super snug

Next up is the Jack Pyke Fleece Neck Gaiter/Snood. Jack Pyke’s Fleece Neck Gaiter is a great little accessory for the outdoor enthusiast, who wants to guarantee warmth when those inclement conditions descend. The Neck Gaiter is the latest design of snood, made from non-pil Polyester, and it really is an extremely versatile accessory. It’s effectively a tube of material, which can be pulled right down over the head, to offer ultimate comfort and protection around the neck, worn slightly higher, bandit style to cover the mouth and nose, or even as a hat, if the pull-up cord drawstring adjuster is fully closed.

Just leave one in your favourite coat pocket, and never get caught out. Super soft- super snug, and great value. Jack Pyke’s Fleece Neck Gaiter is available from all good gun-shops.


Once again, Jack Pyke has come up with more well-made, yet affordable garments for the UK shooter.


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  • Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece - Jacket and Neck Gaiter - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Jacket
  • Colours available: Navy, Light Olive, Burgundy
  • Sizes: Small- XXXL
  • Price: RRP £37.95
  • Name: Jack Pyke Fleece Neck Gaiter
  • Available colours: Camo, Black, Greenone size fits all
  • Price: RRP £5.95
  • Contact: Jack Pyke, www.jackpyke.co.uk