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Merino Possum Zip Neck Sweater

Merino Possum Zip Neck Sweater

Manufactured from a yarn that’s unique to New Zealand, the Merino Possum is one of the most eco-friendly you’ll encounter and without question the warmest natural fibre you’ll ever wear. But that’s not the half of it.

A mixture of what is regarded as the best wool in the world grown quite naturally by Merino sheep and a much favoured yarn for high performance thermal underwear, the resultant yarn is then combined with selected fur from the humble possum - a non-native species in New Zealand, recognised as a destructive pest with no natural predators ranging over 92% of New Zealand’s main islands. The selected possum fur is blended with the Merino soft wool to produce a 60 – 40% mixture, and the hollow fibres of the fur produce a hardwearing yarn with enhanced heat retaining qualities. Similarly, the fur ensures the sweater is resistant to pilling whilst remaining soft, fluffy and luxurious even after numerous wearings and washings.

Produced by WholeGarment, the Zip Neck like the rest of the extensive and attractive range is woven as one piece. This means the sleeves are integral instead of being sewn on, which in turn means no seams or stitching apart from around the zip that in turn ensures there are no cold spots or areas where a cold and icy breeze can slip in between. Add into all this the fact that the Merino Possum yarn doesn’t retain odours, wicks away any moisture, dries extremely quickly whilst the breathing abilities ensure the wearer is neither too hot or too cold.

Non-Bulky But Still Warm

From the shooter’s point of view, apart from the obvious abilities the most important aspect of the Zip Neck is that since the yarn is so incredible thin it adds just millimetres to your clothing. In other words, when winter strikes and your outer garments add unwanted dimensions to your stock length, Merino Possum doesn’t, so it’s as if you’re still mounting and shooting in little more than your favourite cotton shirt and waistcoat.

Now an essential part of my game shooting attire, whilst the £169 asking price may seem rather a lot for a sweater, but once you’ve worn one you’ll realise it’s money well spent. Not only does the ribbed effect look smart and stylish, no matter how much you use and abuse this sweater it just keeps coming back for more. Equally, as a garment I‘ve now worn for a variety of purposes almost through out the year, I can say with certainty that when it comes to fit, feel and resilience to wear, I personally don’t know of a natural fibre that comes anywhere close to Merino Possum. 


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