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Helikon Ranger Winter Gloves

Helikon Ranger Winter Gloves

luggage, accessories and clothing. These are separated into the Urban, Range, Patrol, Medical, Outback, Surplus, Morale and Bushcraft product lines. The Ranger Winter Gloves are from the latter, and as the name suggests, they are specifically designed for harsh, cold weather. The additional warmth is provided by a soft, 100% polyester lining which looks just like wool. The valuable heat captured by this lining is sealed inside the glove by an elasticated cuff, which in turn is complemented by an adjustable pull cord.

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The exterior of the gloves is manufactured from cowhide leather, which is not only durable but also dirt and water- resistant. It also provides great grip when using tools such as knives and axes, plus it offers great protection from scrapes, cuts and abrasions. Helikon has included a loop on each glove to help get them on, as well as a metal carabiner to connect the gloves together and attach them to a backpack.

Overall, the gloves are warm and comfortable. The construction shows carefully planned cuts throughout, to help maximise comfort and dexterity over long periods of time. However, the gloves are, by their very nature, thick and quite restrictive, so that needs to be taken into account depending on what you will be doing when wearing them.

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  • Name: Helikon-Tex Ranger Winter Gloves
  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Colour: US Brown
  • Price: €52.90
  • Contact: www.helikon-tex.com