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Ridgeline Baseball Caps

Ridgeline Baseball Caps

The baseball-style cap is now one of the most universally worn types of headwear - especially being a firm favourite amongst hunters, hikers, and outdoorsmen.

This style of cap is popular for outdoor sporting use because in moderate weather conditions it can protect the head from precipitation and equally importantly, shade the eyes from the sun. However, most importantly for the hunter operating with stealth, it can also help part conceal the face and eyes.

What’s on offer?

The Ridgeline Baseball Cap is a lightweight everyday wear cap with Velcro adjustment on the back. Made with polycotton fabric, it’s adorned in the company’s new DIRT camo pattern, with a black peak.

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The Ridgeline Eclipse Performance cap is also of a polycotton build and it too utilises the DIRT camo pattern. It has a soft-touch peak, plus the Ridgeline name boldly embroidered across the front face.

Slightly different

The Ridgeline Flex Cap breaks from the traditional design and is manufactured from a modern lightweight breathable fabric. It is very comfortable to wear, due to the flex-fit inner, plus its wicking properties, combined with a vented upper, make it ideal for warmer weather. This well-designed lightweight cap can also help wick away sweat from the eyes when taking that all-important shot. The two colour options are Earth and Excape camo.

The Ridgeline Wax Cap is robust and hard-wearing, plus it has been developed to withstand harsher weather. Manufactured from wax cotton fabric, it also has a smart tartan lining to help keep your head warm. The outer shell cotton fabric is also treated to be even more waterresistant. The adjustable back allows you to make sure it fits snug, thus keeping out the elements and has quickly proved a popular option. This design is available in Earth colour.

All the Ridgeline Baseball Caps featured are of a one-size-fits-all build.

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  • Name: Ridgeline Baseball Cap, Eclipse Performance Cap, Flex Cap and Wax Cap
  • Price: £12.99, £29.99, £19.99 & £24.99 respectively
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors - www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk