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Tilleys Tec-Wool & Outback Hats

I am a big fan of Tilley Hats (especially the T3, examples of which have graced my head on expeditions around the world for the past few decades) and now Tilley have brought out some new models.

I have been trying the Tilley Tec- Wool Hat (TTW2) and the Tilley Outback Hat (TWC 7) in washable waxed cotton. Two great hats for the British weather!

The Tec-Wool Hat combines the familiar Tilley Hat design with a “Tec-Wool” fabric made by Schoeller of Switzerland. This revolutionary fabric has a lightweight wool mix (75% wool, 19% polyester 6% PU) outer layer with a “C-Change” technology windproof membrane and Tilley’s “Hydrofil” lining.

Temperature Controlled Tec- Wool Hat

The “C-Change” membrane is not only very breathable as well as being wind and waterproof, but reacts to changing heat levels, opening up in response to warmth and closing when it gets colder. This makes the hat warmer when the weather is colder, and cooler when the weather gets warmer – “temperature controlled” comfort! The fabric is also stain-resistant and is certified UPF 50+, so gives maximum sun protection as well as rain and snow resistance!

In really cold weather you can fold down the integral Hydrofi l ear warmers (a size equalisation device adjusts the size of the hat band to compensate for this) and “Hydrofil” is both warm and wicking to help keep you comfortable.

The hat has a brim size of 2 5/8” at the front, 2 ¾” at the back and 2 1/8” at the sides for maximum comfort and protection from rain, snow or sun, and comes in sizes 6 7/8 to 8+. 8+ adjusts to fi t 8 1/8 up to 8 ¾”.

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Weighing only about 4.8oz and coming in Black or Olive Mix with a black leather hat band loop, this lightweight cold weather hat is made in Canada to Tilley’s usual very high standard and is extraordinarily comfortable and smart.

Costing around £65.00, the TTW2 Tilley Tec-Wool Hat also has the standard Tilley features of a closed-cell foam pad in the crown, a Velcroclosed “secret pocket” in the crown for such items as cash or credit cards, and comes with a 4-page Owner’s Manual as well as being guaranteed for life not to wear out, and even comes insured against loss.

The Outback

The TWC 7 Outback hat shares many features of the Tec-Wool Hat (brim size, pocket, pad, guarantee, insurance, “brag tags” and owner’s manual) but does not feature the ear-warmers. Made from a washable waxed cotton fabric in Olive with a “British Tan” hatband and binding, the Outback is very rain repellent and, thanks to twin “wind cords”, ties on both under the chin and around the back of the head so as not to blow off in the wind. As with many Tilley Hats, the Outback will float and is very tough and durable.

The fabric of the hat is produced in Britain and the synthetic wax finish means the hat can be machine washed and dried and does not have the sticky feel of traditional waxed cotton, while still remaining very water repellent. The Outback Hat has brass ventilator eyelets in the sides of the crown, but, to aid water resistance, the wind cords are attached internally to the sweatband (not through eyelets as on the famous Tilley T3 hat for instance), for discreet but functional performance.

A thoroughly practical hat, the Tilley TWC 7 Hat is rugged and durable, crushable and packable, lightweight at 4.7oz, attractive and comfortable, again it comes in sizes 6 7/8 to 8+, is made to the high standard you expect from Tilley and costs around £62.00.

Both hats have proved their worth in the wet and cold weather. The Outback excels in wind and rain with the wind cords keeping it ultra secure, while the Tec-Wool Hat with its ear warmers, was the more comfortable on cold crisp mornings when the frost was nipping.
Having the hats properly sized rather than coming in vague S, M, X, XL sizes ensured a comfortable fit and the use of natural fibre fabrics with modern synthetic materials gives the best of both worlds and great performance and looks.

For more information visit www.tilley.com or phone tel 01326 574402.