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Helikon UTP Trousers Ripstop Mud Brown

I have been wearing Helikon’s BDU trousers in all conditions for over seven years. They are relatively lightweight and noise-free, with durable cotton weaves that have stood up well to physical damage. They also shed rain well and are quick drying. The trousers are available in multiple colours and camouflage designs, yet I find ‘Mud Brown’ suits my need well.


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Available in the latest ‘Urban Tactical’ styling, the trousers are an intermediate cut, so are slimmer than the regular BDUs, without getting too skinny. With seven waist sizes from S-4XL and regular or long-leg options, you will get a good fit, without excessive bagginess, which I despise. The rear of the waist has an elasticated strip sewn in, which alongside a Velcro fastener, rather than a button up front, gives extensive adjustability and remains snug. With a slight amount of stretch in the material, the trousers are an extremely comfortable fit without a belt. I was initially concerned the Velcro would degenerate, but of the four pairs I have owned, I have only lost one pair to incredibly old age and hundreds of washes.


The usual array of pockets is featured on the waist, hips, front, and legs. Pleasantly, none are too voluminous, so unlikely to get overloaded and snag. A combination of open, YKK zippered, and Velcro fastenings are used throughout. Extra thought has gone into the front hand pockets, with the edges left heavier for the clips of folding knives. Over time, these always seem to cut through even the heaviest of fabrics, so a smart design. The knees and seat/crotch are dual thickness to prevent tearing while also adding protection. The void created at the knees could be fitted with padding if desired.


I have worn UTPs day in, and day out through all four seasons, and liked them so much that I have bought several pairs. They are light and airy when the temperature has been touching 40°C, yet never seem cold in the night-time chill. I have never found a build-up of moisture inside, yet they also seem to keep the wind chill at bay.

The Polycotton polyester 60/37 mix, with just a tiny amount (3%) of Spandex to add flexibility, seems to be a magic recipe for everyday wear. There has been no evidence of abrasions, cuts or staining from mud or other dirt, and after a 30°C cycle in the washing machine, they come out like new. They are around twice the price of the standard BDU-type trousers, but details show where the extra money has been spent, with a generally higher quality of cut, stitching, and seams laying flatter to the material. Critically to the hunter, they are quiet when walking, too.

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  • Name: Helikon UTP Trousers Ripstop Mud Brown  
  • Price: £69.90 Inc. P&P
  • Contact: Military 1st - www.military1st.co.uk