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With the author now carrying a Propper Range Bag almost exclusively when going to the range, when the opportunity to check out something from their clothing range came up it was straight to the Military 1st website to choose something ‘fitting’.

The fit

The RevTac Pants are made of a lightweight Ripstop material and are put together in what they call a ‘relaxed fit’. What this means in practice is that they are very comfortable and the fit is very good, with a really helpful size guide on the Military 1st website making getting the right fit that much easier. An ‘action stretch’ waistband, rubberised shirt gripper strip and ‘gusseted crotch’ (not a phrase you expect to read in a shooting magazine) all make the pants nice and comfortable. The size of the pants is exactly what it states on the guide so you can buy with confidence and know that you will get the right fit when they arrive.

The features

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The pants feature two large hand pockets with a reinforced tool clip edge, two cargo pockets with Velcro secured flaps, internal sleeve pockets, a magazine/ phone pocket and slots for pens. There are also two hip pockets for knives and two nice-sized pockets on the back. A total of seven 1-inch wide belt loops are designed to accommodate heavy duty belts and the knee areas are reinforced to increase durability. The material is Teflon treated making it water repellent and stain resistant and it also stands up to scratches and wear really well. The zip is YKK and snap button on the waistband is also good quality.

Despite being lightweight the material is very strong and this, combined with good quality stitching throughout, means that the pants stand up well to a day fighting through the undergrowth or crawling on the ground.


The RevTac pants are very well-made and the layout of the pockets is very practical for shooting, with you being able to keep everything secure and accessible. The fit is very good and, if you are carrying a few extra pounds, the relaxed fit is very accommodating. The bottoms of the legs fit nicely over boots and the waistband stays put thanks to the shirt gripper strip. You can wear these pants all day and stay comfortable without either sweating or chaffing. The pants wash very well and also dry pretty quickly due to the lightweight material. The full range of clothing from Propper can be seen on the military 1st website and it is definitely worth checking out.

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  • Name: Propper RevTac Pants
  • RRP: £50.00
  • Contact: Military 1st: military1st.co.uk