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Browning XPO Big Game parka and bibs

Browning XPO Big Game parka and bibs

XPO stands for Xtended Performance Outwear and is one of Browning’s most successful clothing lines. I’ve been using their parka and pants for ages and am impressed by the ability to keep me warm and dry both inside and out! Adding to this is their latest Big Game parka and what they call bibs, which we know better as salopettes!


The parka is available in Mossy Oak’s blaze orange camo (MOBLZ) or green. The build is 100% Polyester with a PU membrane along with their Pre-Vent water/windproof breathable membrane and 3M Thinsulate insulation. This really does what it says on the tin! The build is conventional with a central opening closed by a double-ended zip and twin storm flaps with press studs. Stowage consist of two, massive, treble-entry box pockets up front, the main has a magnetic flap (better than Velcro) with a smaller one on top with pull-out ammo carriers and side slots. Above are two large Napoleon-types and two massive hand-warmers. In both cases these are closed with waterproof zips.

At the rear is a double-entry game pocket with the same system. Inside is a fixed, fleece lining and a single, zipped breast pocket with a drawcord at the waist. The collar is a full, stand-up type with fleece lining. The zip-on hood is improved with a semi peak, twin drawcords to cinch it tight and press stud keepers for the side flaps that secure it around the lower face; it’s also fully fleece-lined. With non-slip shoulder pads for sling the only Velcro on the whole thing is the cuff adjusters.


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The trousers are green and use the same build spec, with generous cargo pockets with magnetic flap on the left and a waterproof zip on the right, there’s two deep pockets up front too. The lower legs are zipped to allow easy ON/OFF over boots. Closure is by zip and press stud and there are big belt loops with a gripping strip inside to stop your shirt coming out. The seat is black and waterproof. Around the top is a full-length zip, which the removable bib front and back is attached. For extreme weather this offers extra protection around the midriff and small of the back and is to be appreciated; especially when stand shooting! The sides are elasticated and integral braces are included, closure at the front is by Velcro; unlike saloppettes when you don’t need it, it is removable!


Browning also included a set of mittens, which can be un-zipped to reveal thin inner gloves. It keeps your pinkies warm, then peel back the outer mitt to shoot; clever! Adding to this was a fleece-lined baseball cap with pull down ear/neck protector in MOBLZ; another great winter warmer!

Parka XPO Pro £295
Bib XPO Pro Green £195
Fleece cap £26
Mittens £42

BWM (Browning UK), 01235 514550 (for nearest dealer)
[email protected]


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