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Helikon Tactical Light Gloves

Helikon Tactical Light Gloves

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Helikon-Tex have been manufacturing a wide range of tactical clothing, backpacks, boots, uniforms and equipment since 1991. They have gained a significant following around the globe. The Helikon All Round Fit Tactical Light Gloves are designed in cooperation with shooters to be lightweight, durable and tactile. They offer a reliable grip on firearms and equipment, whilst providing good trigger control and the ability to manipulate small items and parts. They are manufactured using breathable fabrics on the top and a non-slip synthetic leather on the inner side, making them ideal for prolonged use. The cuff is slightly elasticated and is of an open design without the ability to be sealed around the wrist; this makes them quick and easy to take ON/OFF and means that the cuff does not interfere with a watch. Practical features include the ability to operate touch screen devices and a microfibre strip down the side of the thumb, which can be used to remove moisture from glasses or goggles. They are available in black/shadow grey or coyote/adaptive green in sizes S-XXL.

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  • Name: Helikon-tex All Round Fit Tactical Light Gloves ( Black/ Shadow Grey)
  • Supplied by: Military 1st military1st.co.uk
  • Distributed by: Helikon; helikon-tex.com