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AIRGUN TEST! – AIRFORCEONE NERO ROSA SE TROPHY MKII: Is it an air pistol or an air rifle?

Uncover the in-depth review presented by Mark Camoccio as he delves into the world of the AirForceOne Nero Rosa SE Trophy MKII on GunMart TV. With his wealth of knowledge and passion for airguns, Mark will take you on an informative journey, exploring every detail and feature of this exceptional air rifle.

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Technical Specification:
Name: AirForceOne Nero Rosa SE Trophy MKII
Calibre: .22 (on test), .177 available        
Barrel Length: 8”
Overall Length: 14.3” Pistol Only / 29.3” Including Silencer & Stock
Weight: 1.9 lbs Pistol Only / 3 lbs Including Silencer & Stock
Energy: 4.7 ft/lbs average

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