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Heym SR21 Precision Repeterier GRS

Heym SR21 Precision Repeterier GRS

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; some guns seem to pass me by and not for the lack of asking, one such brand is Heym. This German manufacturer makes some fine double rifles, but of most interest to we Brits are their two bolt-action models, the conventional SR21 (turn-bolt) and the SR30 straight-pull. Staffer Jules Whicker owns Heyms and swears by them and I have always wanted to try both models. Well, after 5-years of asking, the importers they finally sent me something; well it is the British gun trade, best not to be too hasty!

Something special

I was expecting a sporter and would have been very happy with it, but what turned up was a bit special and different and for that matter more welcome in the form of their SR21 Precision Repetierer (repeater) GRS. This last part of the nomenclature shows the rifle wears a Grodas Rifle Stocks (GRS) Sport/Varmint laminate stock in this case in green mountain camo. This multi-adjustable unit has become popular with many rifle makers and shooters looking for an off-theshelf precision/adjustable furniture solution. I have the same model on my 6.5 Creedmoor custom and it’s good! The GRS Adjustable Hunter is also available; it’s virtually the same design but with a more conventional butt shape without the cut-out, though full LOP and comb adjustment as before.

The Precision Repetierer is a bit like the old Ruger M77 Mk II VT (Varmint Target) concept in terms of what it offers, with a medium/heavy and longer barrel in a more target-type stock. Chambered in 22-250 Remington, it looked to be perfect for longer range foxing and varmints. GRS stock aside, what the SR21 does is scream ‘build quality’ at you, as it’s just so well made and finished.

The tubular receiver is all steel and mated to a medium/heavy, 23.75” barrel threaded 15x1mm (with protector). It’s a closed-topped design with a long, slim ejection port, though single loading is possible! The metal is superbly struck off and the bluing of high quality. The action shows a large, traditional recoil lug and the stock has been both pillar and synthetic bedded for improved performance.


In terms of build, there’s nothing particularly radical, the bolt is heavily fluted with a large round shroud; on this is the 3-position safety catch and it’s plain to see where Mauser got the idea for their M12 safety system from! The swinging lever pushes forward to FIRE, in the middle it’s on SAFE with bolt operation and fully rear is SAFE, bolt locked. The movement is short and it’s easy to operate, at the rear, the tail of the striker protrudes to indicate a cocked action. Up front is a 3-lug bolt giving a 60° lift angle. The bolt handle is angled back and turned out slightly and finished off with a large, polymer ball end, which makes manipulation smooth and easy; especially if you ‘palm’ it! The enclosed bolt face shows a plunger-type ejector, which powers the empties out!

I have to say that Heym’s website is not that user-friendly, as I was trying to see if the barrels are cut rifled or hammer-forged. Eventually I found some images of what looked like hammer forging machines, so I conclude they are of this process. Whatever, as the accuracy test will indicate, they have done a great job, as the SR21 Precision Repetierer certainly lives up to its name. However, I did find the profile a tad slim, as it heated up very quickly, which was not helped by a moderator. So much so that testing it with six brands of ammo took some time, with numerous cooling off periods required.

‘Glass rod’

The single stage trigger is fully adjustable via Allen screws and this example broke at a pleasing 2 lbs, so suited me nicely. I think the term ‘breaking like a glass rod’ might be applied here, as there’s a firmness you snuggle your finger up against, then a tad more pressure and the shot accomplished with minimum movement, but maximum control and finesse! The steel blade is deeply curved and sits at the rear of the guard. Feed is from a single column, 3-round (in standard calibres) magazine, the slotted release catch is on the right side of the well and a firm press cleanly ejects the clip by a small spring. Heym offer higher capacity units if required.

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The Precision goes for a full-length Picatinny rail, which is preferable on this sort of rifle, though Heym’s sporting models offer commensurate ring-type mounts too. A pleasant surprise was the rifle came fitted with a Leica Magnus 2.4-16 X 56 with their ASV-type (range-adjustable) turret. It also has a BDC-style reticle and a good choice for a gun with so much accuracy potential, combined with the flat-shooting abilities of the calibre. Obviously I would need a moderator and chose a Schultz & Larsen Venom, muzzle-mounted model supplied by the importer Alan Rhone.

Old & bold, or?

I admit to having mixed views on the 22-250 Remington. Twice in the past I’ve considered getting one but each time decided against it, as it has less general application than say 243 Winchester. Being a 22 centrefire it means varmints and small deer only and of the two I doubt you’d want to lug the heavy Precision around for Muntjac or CWD. These days the 22-250 is in the same slot as the 222 Remington, classic calibres that still do the business but a bit dated and less people seem interested. I think its niche is for those who shoot foxes and vermin at longer ranges and as the rifle proved, it’s well up for it in terms of accuracy.

Digging through my ammo lockers I found I had a lot of 22-250, so I picked six examples just to see what the Heym could do as follows: Hornady 40 and 55-grain V-MAX and their heavy 60-grain soft point, Prvi Partizan (PPU) 55-grain soft point, Remington 50-grain ACCUTIP-V boat tail (ballistic tip) and Winchester Ballistic Silver Tip (BST). Everything shot well; with the worst, if you could call it that, being the 55 PPU, which stepped out to .74”, the Hornady went the other way with the 40-grainers doing a cool ¼”. So as can be seen, there’s a lot of accuracy potential there within a reasonably tight window. However, individual velocities and energy figures were quite interesting.

If we assume a 200-yard zero for this powerful 22 cartridge, the 40-grain load does not step outside 0.79”of drop until 225-yards+, with 2767 FPS/680 ft/Lbs and at 500 gives 1649 FPS/242 ft/lbs with 35” of drop. The heavy Hornady 60 SP has a more curved trajectory, though is inside 1.5” out to 225-yards with 2207 FPS/649 ft/Lbs; at 500 the weight and speed tell at 60.25” drop, with 1170 FPS/182 ft/Lbs. The PPU as the slowest, still shoots inside 1.25” out to 225, with 2431 FPS/722 ft/lbs and at 500 drops 50.82”, with 1391 FPS/235 ft/lbs. Taking the fastest 50-grain load, the Winchester BST, it keeps it inside 0.81” at 225, with 2828 FPS/888 ft/lbs; at 500, drop is 32.45”, with 1852 FPS/381 ft/lbs.

The choice is yours but remember the fastest and flattest loads will be the worst barrel burners, but the 22-250 is a quick cartridge regardless and built for a purpose.

Load and bore economy can be achieved by reduced loads and as is clearly shown by the PPU 55-grain soft tip, as it aces a comparable 223 Rem by at least 150-200 fps.


Ballistics aside, the Heym SR21 Precision Repetierer GRS is one hell of a rifle; accurate, well made and finished with one of the slickest actions I have encountered, along with a superior trigger. The GRS Sport/ Varmint stock is a design well suited to any form of longer-range use, be it target or live quarry. In 22-250 Remington it probably gives the best performance of any non Wildcat .22 centrefire, OK the 220 Swift might be a bit quicker but 22-250 ammo is still plentiful and widely stocked. Shooting this rifle and calibre has yet again made me look at the cartridge in more detail; again, maybe this time round I’ll get something, maybe!



  • Name : Heym SR21 Precision Repetierer GRS
  • Calibre : on test 22-250 Remington
  • Capacity : 3 (DM)
  • Barrel : 23.75” (threaded 15x1mm)
  • Stock : GRS Sport/Varmint
  • Pillar and synthetic bedded : Y
  • Picatinny scope base : Y
  • Price : £1995
  • Contact: Garlands Ltd, 01827 383300, garlandsshootingground.co.uk Schultz & Larsen; www.greatdanerifles.com Leica Sports Optics; www.uk.leica-camera.com heym-fabrik.de


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