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Norinco JW 25 (SS Tested July 2010)

Norinco JW 25 (SS Tested July 2010)

The JW25 is unique to this round-up as it’s the only bolt-action. Essentially it’s a 22 rimfire copy of the Mauser K98, made in China by Norinco it’s based on the CZ452, but given a full K98 look. Though feeds from a 5-round detachable magazine.  If you want to scope up; there’s an integral a ½” dovetail, though you might need to remove the rear sight as it will get in the way of larger objective lenses. The JW25 is not in the fast fire, semi-auto class but it’s reliable as hell, accurate and a lot of fun… The Pietta PSS50 is a design that has been around for a long time. This semi-auto is loosely based on the Russian (7.62x25mm) PPSH41 SMG and feeds from 10 and 30-round stick mags or a 50-round drum. The burb gun look is exemplified by the ventilated barrel jacket and short wooden stock, but at heart it’s a basic 22 self-loader with a military look.  I have never yet tested one and the importers will be sending an example soon. As long as it’s reliable it should do what the modern stuff does, but it ain’t no AR15/SIG522! Norinco JW25, an original and different approach to military rimfire look-a-likes, but it won’t break the bank and is very shootable The Pietta PPS50, this is another old school design and one wonders how popular it might be?

•Capacity 5
•Action bolt
•Barrel 20.5”
•Iron sights Y
•Receiver grooved for scope mounting
•Price: £295
•Contact: Hennery Krank & Co Ltd, 0113 256 9163
•For: Different but none the less capable and attractive
•Against: A little old school compared to an AR15
•Verdict: Sweet shooting and fun version of the Mauser K98 that won’t break the bank


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