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5 Budget Shotguns

  • Armsan Model A620S

    The Armsan model A620 semi-auto shotgun is available in 20- or 28-gauges. The 20-gauge version came as a synthetic stock option and also an additional junior stock. It is 48.5-inches long and weighs only 5.65lbs and has a 26- or 25.8-inch barrel with five varying chokes. The black synthetic stock is particularly good, with a soft touch feel and good handling characteristics. For only £437, what’s not to like? Especially when you pick it up for the first time and appreciate its light weight and overall good quality for what is realistically a budget gun. A good, ‘do anything shotgun’, the Armsan A620 would have to be my first choice.

    Contact: Highland Outdoors. www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk

    Price: £437

  • Mossberg Duck Commander

    Mossberg Duck Commander

    The 535 is the pump action version of the Mossberg’s Duck Dynasty. It’s a no-nonsense, ‘chuck it about’ sort of shotgun, especially with the Realtree Max 5 Camo clad synthetic stock. 12-gauge only, with 3.5-inch chambers, it’s a good performer with a 28-inch, multi choked barrel with three supplied Accuchokes. No surprises with any of the Mossberg range; tough, well made, pretty indestructible and a good price and they pattern and shoot well. The Mossy Duck Commander 535 is an all-round 12g pump that gets the job done.

    Contact: York Guns. www.yorkguns.com

    Price: £598

  • Bettinsoli X Trail Game Evo

    Bettinsoli X Trail Game Evo

    Bettinsoli have a good overall range of models, calibres and styles and the workmanship represents good value for money and they have a good reputation too. They are better made than some of their competitors and if you just get out and use them you will be very happy. I like this small 28-gauge X Trail version, as it is well proportioned compared to its bigger 12-gauge brother. You have 28- or 30-inch multi choke barrels and good walnut stocks that fit well and the pattern boards prove Bettinsoli are good, consistent performers.

    Contact: RUAG. www.ruag.co.uk

    Price: £999

  • Revo K226 Arthemis .410

    Revo K226 Arthemis .410

    The Revo K226 is a really nice little .410 shotgun that is smart, light, fixed choked, single trigger with a quality walnut stock. A .410 for less than £430 quid! Small calibre shotguns to me make a lot of sense, their mild manners and light weight make them ideal for beginners and youngster to learn the techniques necessary to master for shotgun use, yet provide an amazing degree of performance for the professional. You have a classic, scaled down over /under shotgun weighing 5.35lbs, with an overall length of 45.25-inches. The 28-inch barrels have fixed chokes but there is a single select trigger mechanism with auto safety and very good quality, tight patterns thrown.

    Contact: Sportsman Gun Centre. www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk

    Price: £424

  • Hatsan Escort Magnum

    Hatsan Escort Magnum

    Edgar Brothers have done a good job of marketing the Hatsan range of shotguns and the Escort Magnum is your everyday semi-automatic model, as at home breaking informal clays, as it is out around the woods after pigeons or ducks. The 3-inch chambers allow a good range of cartridges and the barrels are proofed to shoot steel shot, allowing a more diverse range of shot. With a choice of walnut or synthetically stocks, the 12-gauge is supplied with five chokes. The camo wrapped Mossy Oak Break Up pattern makes it more practical too and weighs in at 7lbs for a gun for all duties.

    Contact: Edgar Brothers. www.edgarbrothers.com

    Price: £629