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Benelli Supernova

Benelli Supernova

I’m a very big fan of pump-action shotguns and must have half a dozen! Totally love my Mossberg 500, that thing is just like a Barbie doll as far as dressing it up in endless different ways; purely from a shooting view point… honest as I’m more into Cindy! However, my favourite hunting pump has to be the Benelli Supernova and this one is the Realtree APG wrapped version. I’ve owned it for several years now and I can safely say it’s BUILT TO ENDURE!

This model is the 24” in Sect 2 format; two in the mag with a third up the spout. It has a total length of 48” and weighs in at around 8 lbs unloaded. It can certainly pack a punch, as it is chambered for 3.5” magnum loads, so no problem if you need to bring down a Pterodactyl! Firstly, you will obviously notice the Realtree APG camo, which looks real nice and is very effective, so don’t go and put the gun down on the floor when you are out in the field, else there is a chance you could lose the thing! Style-wise it shows some sharp lines, which sets it apart from most other and more traditional looking pumps!

Stock, Lock Etc

Let’s start from the butt end; the recoil pad is soft ventilated rubber, which is comfortable but not too grabby on clothing. The stock is all synthetic polymer and is very tough. Being a hunting gun, Benelli have included sling eyes in the underside of the butt and on the barrel ring for QD swivels, which is an added bonus. Benelli’s recoil dampening ‘Comfortech’ system really works, even with snottier loads and makes the gun both more comfortable and controllable.

The pistol grip is sleek yet comfortable, with a textured grip, which offers good traction even in wet conditions. The forend or ‘pump’ is quite hefty and offers a lot to get hold of, with similar texturing as the grip. Underneath the forend is a small button, which is the magazine stop.

This is a great feature and allows the shooter to be able to make the gun safe without having to empty the mag, for example if you needed to climb over a fence or gate. It also gives you the option of putting a different load in the chamber quickly without having to completely empty the mag. Slide the pump back whilst pressing the button and this will close off the magazine, stopping another cartridge being lifted and you can then eject what’s in the chamber. The gun is now safe, then, when you need to reload; either put a new shell straight into the ejection port and close the action. Or just re-rack the action to load a new shell from the mag; easy!


Steel Receiver

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Unusually for a modern repeating shotgun, the receiver is steel rather than aluminium, which really does make it one tough cookie! It is moulded over with a polymer coating, making it weather proof. Moving along to the polymer trigger guard, you will notice the sharp triangular lines with plenty of room for a gloved finger. I love the look of this and I think it really does make the SuperNova stand out from the competition. Integral to this is a big, cross bolt safety catch and the slide release. The trigger blade is metal and breaks on my scale at around 6-7 lbs, which for hunting is okay.

The loading gate is just perfect; as it’s big with no catchy bits to rip off your thumb nail and no ‘bear trap’ like spring that you need to force down to get a shell into the mag tube. You will have no problem loading this shotgun whilst wearing gloves either and there is plenty of room to get those hefty 3.5” magnums in! Looking down into the mag tube you will see a red coloured aluminium follower, which is nice and smooth, so loading is a breeze. Shooting and reloading is fast and smooth and I have never had any issues since owning this gun.


High RIB 24

The 24” barrel has a high rib, with twin beads; metal at the rear, with a red fibre optic up front, which are simple and effective. Benelli also offer 26 and 28” options too. Full, Medium and IC (Improved Cylinder) chokes are supplied, along with a key. I like extended chokes, as they are easier to check to see if they are still tight, plus you don’t have the key to worry about losing!

Field stripping is a doddle and no tools are needed either! Make sure the gun is safe and empty first and simply undo the take down nut at the end of the mag tube, then the barrel will then slide off. The take down nut is your ‘multi-tool’ too; the nobly bit on the end is for pushing out the trigger group pins. They come out right to left and using the nut to hook them out via their heads; clever idea! Then it’s just a case of pulling out the trigger mech housing (TMH), which is all one unit with the loading gate and job done. If you need to take out the bolt, you just squeeze either end of it with your finger and thumb and it pulls out of the receiver. The pump/forend can just slide off, so all in all a very easy gun to clean and maintain.



The Supernova is a great all rounder and I quite often go clay bashing with it too, but for out in the field, it really is a superb shotgun to have with you and it shouldn’t let you down. The 3.5” chamber makes it versatile and the tough, polymer-coated steel action makes it pretty bomb proof. It’s a tough work horse that I won’t be getting rid of anytime soon!

PRICE: £600 - £700
CONTACT: GMK Ltd, 01489 579999


  • Name: Benelli Supernova
  • Calibre: 12 and 20 gauge
  • Action: Pump-Action
  • Sights: Rear bead, front fibre optic
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Length: 45.5”
  • Barrel: 24”
  • Chokes: Y
  • Capacity: 2+1


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