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Benjamin Trail video review | Gunmart
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Benjamin Trail

Pete Wadeson tests the Benjamin Trail, a ‘Nitro Piston’ break-barrel action rifle from Crosman that comes bundled with everything you need

Following the success of the synthetic stocked Remington Nitro break barrel rifle, Crosman have introduced another model using the Nitro Piston (NP) power source – by the way, that’s known as a gas-ram piston to us in the UK.

Crosman’s UK distributors ASI have said customer feedback requested this type of rifle in a wooden stock – so here it is, the Benjamin Trail, although you can still it have a synthetic stock option if you prefer.

Extras included

The Trail is a minimal yet modern looking rifle and offers some useful practical features including a sound moderated barrel, a 6” Weaver rail for scope mounting and a rifle sling bearing the Benjamin name complete with swivels. Best of all is the fact that a Centerpoint 3 X 9 X 40A0 scope is included in the price along with two-piece 1” scope mounts.

The chequered ‘hardwood’ thumbhole stock is of a very light colour with no protective lacquering, so it won’t shine but the wood will thank you for a periodic thorough cleaning and oiling.

The butt section has a large thumbhole ‘cut out’ and a swept back ambidextrous cheekpiece which is finished with a ventilated black rubber butt pad and stylish white spacer. The drop down pistol grip is quite a handful and finger recesses are set either side running to the trigger. These are nicely cut in from the almost ‘handgun’ styled grip which has two panels of very frugal chequering, leading up to the nicely rounded out and shaped thumbhole. The forend, though being very slim, is in proportion lengthwise to the butt section. It tapers upwards slightly until it reaches the lower cut out for the linkage arms and then rises up slightly more positively to end in a small rounded off tip.

A standard swivel stud is already fitted to the butt section, there’s also a clever articulating front sling swivel attachment. This has been integrated into the build so it - and the supplied rifle sling - moves with the rifle as you cock it.

Smooth action

The break barrel action is smooth to cock and the lengthy aluminium barrel shroud is a handy lever for drawing it back for direct barrel loading. The ‘Trail’ locks back very positively were you can clearly see the large wedge shape detente lock that keeps all secure in the closed position. The Trail has a 17 ½” steel rifled tube and when thumbing in a pellet you can’t fail to notice the large and strong looking breech seal.

On cocking you obviously compress the Nitro Piston, and there’s very little sound, just the feel of the progressive compression of the nitrogen gas common to this type of power source (hence the expression gas-ram). The advantages of a NP system over a spring/piston layout are that it is generally quieter with a faster lock-time and requires much less maintenance.

Scope and mounts included

Scoping up is easier, due to the longer run of Weaver rail and due to the fact you have more room to manoeuvre as you get a pair of two-piece mounts, so take care on setting the scope and you’ll have enough room on the body tube should you want to add a tactical light, compact lamp or laser.

The Centerpoint scope that comes bundled with the rifle features an adjustable objective, positive ¼” MOA un-covered tactical style turret adjusters, a smooth zoom ring, fast focus ocular and lenses that give a bright sight image even in low light. These qualities add even more value to this new rifle and optic package.

A competent hunter

The trigger blade and manual safety lever both sit within the guard. The 2-stage adjustable trigger lets shots off predictably and relatively crisply. On zeroing the .22 test rifle for 25-yds I was pleased to note the very dominant barrel shroud does act as a silencer and a very efficient one at that. Crosman say the Nitro Piston minimises shock and vibration during the firing cycle – again a statement I can’t dispute due to the very low recoil.

I removed the shroud end cap again, to see if the same ‘sound moderating’ unit is used as on the Remington Nitro. It does, as when removed from the threaded barrel (ensuring no loss of alignment from the bore rather than screwing into the inside of the shroud) I saw the effective removable 6 ported ‘plug’ that extends 3” into the barrel shroud itself. The ports divert excess air following the pellet as it exits the rifle into the void between barrel and shroud very effectively deadening sound heard on discharge.

Both Daystate Rangemaster and Crosman’s own brand pellets gave good results with consistent groupings of ¾” c-c at 25 yards. If your gun handling is up to the mark this is easily a 40-yd+ lightweight hunter. If I had to choose, though I like the synthetic stocked Remington Nitro, the woodwork on the Trail elevates the rifle in handling and feel - and so does the more sensible scope fitting arrangement. By comparison, the Benjamin Trail is almost £100 less than its Remington stable-mate and you get even more for your money.

Everything included!

The Benjamin Trail is accurate, superb value for money, handles much better and like its close relative will easily fulfil any general airgun hunters’ requirements. After shooting a good few rounds with the Trail you really do appreciate the ergonomic stock, as it seems to suit the power source and the overall layout far better.

With scope, mounts, swivels and a fully adjustable padded rifle sling thrown in for good measure, this has to be considered a bargain buy.

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Technical Specifications
Model Benjamin Trail
Type Single-shot, break-barrel, Nitro Piston (gas ram) power
Calibre .22 only
Weight 6.25lb (un-scoped)
Overall length 43.5”
Stock Hardwood sporter on test Synthetic available
Sights No open sights but Weaver rail included for scope mounting
Barrel 17.5”
Price £295 including scope, mounts and sling

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • Nice looking gun however the trigger mechanism is extremely poor. A piece of plastic is used for 1st and 2nd stage adjustment with a screw that is to short for proper adjustment.
    By trying to adjust the trigger the thread in the plastic block strips.
    The cooking mechanism for the gas ram is not centred, which leads to gas ram failure.

    Comment by: Mark Richards     Posted on: 13 Apr 2012 at 11:55 AM

  • Simply Awful,,,I bought one last year and I've only used it 2wice since,Only good thing is the thumb-hole stock, Very, Very weak, and under-powered, I know that in Canada we have a 500fps non fac rule, but when you have a Chinese XS-B4 that shoots harder, there has to be something wrong in the picture, Yes, It looks nice, and Yes I like the fact it comes with swivels,,But Thats it. I even swapped out the recievers from a Phantom, thats how much I like their Nitro-Piston system. Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 13 Aug 2012 at 03:08 AM

  • Waiting on my trail .22 12ft/lb have a made a bad choice for a hunting tool any info on best pellets i hear therez a lot of dudd trails out there
    does anyone know or have a link for chrono results for the benj/trail .22 12/ftlb in the uk

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 28 Sep 2012 at 12:51 PM

  • Attn: Swayze,,,If I were you I;d try using Prometheus unter's @ 9gr, they'll give you the most out of your guns velocity, also put a few drops(3) Crosman silicone chamber lube,,That's about all you can do without taking it apart, and switching out the nitro-piston for a Crosman Quest 1000 mainspring, other than that switch out the whole piston assembly for a completequest piston/spring,,which should bring you up to atleast 12 ft/lbs, or more. Hope this helps you out mate,,"Ubique", Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 28 Sep 2012 at 01:13 PM

  • I just wanted to add, I just picked up a beautiful "Chinese" QB-19, and it's one heck of a shooter, beautiful hardwood stock,fiber optic sights, and it'll send a 14.3 gr Crosman Dome down-range at just over 500fps which comes out to 8.12 ft/lbs, and thats with the shortened mainspring, swap out the original for a Crosman Quest 1000, and you'll likely see those numbers almost double,mine with the new spring comes out at 675fps w/ JSB Jumbo Straton @ 15.9gr ,which gives me 16.10 ft/lbs,,,,which isn't too bad. Cheer's, and happy huntin, Andy.
    PS,,,The QB-19 only cost 89 Buck's(Canadian).

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 28 Sep 2012 at 01:25 PM

  • Cheers andy think ive blundered but i was using a syn /trail 12ftlb on a permussion on wed and it felt good out to 35 yds on paper targets im just worrying as to the humane despatch of the multiple pest species wee have on our permission all corvids

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 28 Sep 2012 at 01:27 PM

  • Im in scotland andy and restricted to 12ft/lb class a lot of negative press about the 12ft/lb after such great reviews in gunmart airgunner and airgun shooting :(

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 28 Sep 2012 at 01:33 PM

  • I have a Benjamin Marauder .22 cal. and I would like to know what 2-point sling would be the best choice for this model & where to get it.

    Any suggestions appreciated -thanx!


    Comment by: Bryanna     Posted on: 29 Sep 2012 at 12:04 AM

  • If your gun doesn't have any swivels attached then just get yourself a good shot-gun sling that doesn't require swivels,Butler Creek makes quite a few different models, If your gun comes with swivel attachments already in place, the same Butler Creek offers quite a few different models as well, Cheer's, Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 29 Sep 2012 at 01:52 AM

  • Thanx Andy -I appreciate the info & will definitely check them out!


    Brie smile

    Comment by: Bryanna     Posted on: 29 Sep 2012 at 06:46 AM

  • Hi folks well i got my trail on tues and things went great good zero really quiet and got half a day out it ..the barrel became harder to break as the day went on until complete lock up occured putting a promising day to an early drive home i emailed crosman and they said thed only heard of this twice before but were more than happy to send me a new trail customer service how it should be so my f/d is in the process of returning it
    Were running another of these trails and it is near perfect except for the long trigger not my bag to be honest but they will be sporting the grt 3 drop in as soon as wee know the rifles are working consistantly..the odd thing about the under achieving trail i aquired was the serial numbers were less than 30 of a difference ..any more trail blazer stories guys

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 06 Oct 2012 at 01:25 PM

  • You know something a little funny?, Most Europeans, love eveything that comes over from the states,,I don't know, maybe all those hard war years w/ all the rationing and shyte, Guy's!!!!You have some of the best airgun manufacturers in your own Back-yard,,England, Germany, and Spain (not counting GAMO, just Cometa's) produce a,g's that are some of the most sought after gun's in the world, and you waste your time/money buying Cheap US crap,(that;s all made in China, with only a few parts actually being American)You're much better off buying SMK if your not wealthy that is,LOL,,,But seriously folks,,,Even the worst Cometa is better than the best Crosman has to offer.My Advice to all,,,,,Try and save up for something with a little class. Cheer's, and Happy Shootin', Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 06 Oct 2012 at 07:17 PM

  • True andy but i think these have a bit of potential if they iron out a few wrinkles tweak n tuck and pay a bit more attention to detail in the manufacture process the funny thing was a was in for an s410 and then this fell into my lap courtesy of a generous family member the idea of gas ram mininal maintenance was the reason for the interest in the trail to add the s410 is coming at a later date after xmas but was wanting a new break barrel for those wanderings over the permission with nothing particular in mind
    still time will tell cos if the replacement doesnt do its job above average then its swiftly being retired and looking to germany or the uk

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 06 Oct 2012 at 10:05 PM

  • Make the most out of what you have,,sq-u-e-e-e-z-e every ounce of power out of that gun that you can. Lube your pellets! alway's,. I use "Slick 50" a couple of drops to your tin, and beleive me, a bottle will last you years, I've had mine 3 yrs now, and its only half empty, next,Clean & lube your barrel with the same, leave a light sheen in the barrel, Next add 2--3 drops of "Silicone"(Crosman Chamber Lube,etc,etc)to your air-port, by doing these 3 simple things, you can get another 100fps, and with the pellet/barrel lube, you'll definably get better results on the range,or target if you're into "Field Target". Pellet choice is also a key ingrediant in this mixture,,I found that with my Benji Trail "JSB" Jumbo Straton's, "JSB" Exact RS, AirArm's Falcon's, and believe it or not, regular GAMO Hunters were the most accurate, giving me groupings that could be covered by a dime(about the same size as a "pence" @ 10M. Also, If you're thinking of using "alloy"(non-lead)pellets, Don't use Gamo's, Skenco produces a much better round, that'll be twice as effective in your "Trail". Hope this help's. Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 07 Oct 2012 at 01:23 AM

  • Here we go again 2 of the 3 trails im running have lost there power and theres a rubbing feeling as you cock both
    power results as follows with crosman ultra magnum 14.3g pellets
    554 fps= 9.74 ft/lb 545 = 9.44 556= 9.81 551=9.6 556= 10.2 549=9.56
    557= 9.87 542= 9.34
    pretty grim air arms diablo didnt fare much better averaging 10.01ft/lb
    ive od,d on information bout bushes molly etc etc any thoughts guys would be welcome on power loss
    cheers dave

    Comment by: swayze.22     Posted on: 16 Nov 2012 at 10:02 AM

  • i purchased a trail about 6 months ago its been fun up to now but i wish i had bought a better gun they say its a 12ft/lb gun the legal max without a licence ive also a weihrauch not sure of the model off hand its old looking but there seems to be a lot more power in it even though that throws out the same 12ft/lb
    i would like to know is it possible to mount a bipod on the trail.

    Comment by: rich jones     Posted on: 25 Dec 2012 at 11:36 PM

  • Atten: Swayze,, Theres a simple solution to your problem. It's called Crosman "Silicone" chamber lube, Don't use regular Crosman "PellGun" Oil, It WILL Diesel, and could harm your gun's internals.
    This response is for Rich Jones, Yes there is a Bi-Pod that you can purchase its a "UTG Low-Profile Dragon Claw Clamp-on Barrel Bipod". It's Universal, so It'll fit on any, and all gun's that you have, heres a link for one, although you can get one from Pyramid Air, The shipping would kill you, so try and find one in merry ol' England. http://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/UTG_Low_Profile_Dragon_Claw_Clamp_on_Barrel_Bipod/1625 , Hope this helps you Guy's out. Cheer's, Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew Santi     Posted on: 26 Dec 2012 at 04:04 AM

  • I am quite happy with my benjamin, I've been popping off the rabbits like a bat out of hell, it is a very nice and easy gun to get along with, I can easily take a rabbit at 35 yards with this gun, hell of a hunting tool.

    Comment by: jack     Posted on: 25 Mar 2013 at 11:01 PM

  • Just to comment regarding the point about barrel lock up by swayze.22, I also purchased a brand spanking new Benjamin Trail NP two weeks ago. After one week in the bag and first use, having spent a little time zeroing in the gun (which was very easy even with the horrible Centrepoint scope), I too had the unfortunate experiene as swayze whereby the gun go harder
    and harder to break the barrel to load. So that no excessive damage was done further to the gun, I left it in the bag for another week as I was working away from home and unable to get to the shop from where I purchased it. I ended up taking it back this weekend and the guy in the shop could not even get the gun to break at all and was very suprised as he had never had a Trial returned. Having read the other instances and uncomplimentary comments of other users I think that as these guns are probably made in bulk in China, they do not get a lot of looking over or testing before being sold to the marketplace....always never a good idea. Anyway, the shop offered to change the gun which would take a week or so, however, I decided to spend a bit more money and paid a bit extra and bought a Brocock Controur Super 6 which I took out yesterday after zeroing and I have to say is red hot compared to the Benjamin. I suppose you get what you pay, I certainly would not buy another Benjamin if it can from China...

    Comment by: JOHN HOWARD     Posted on: 01 Apr 2013 at 05:55 PM

  • i tend to get the odd flyer still @ 25 yrds an i dont think its as good as benjamin say it is

    Comment by: Doc     Posted on: 28 Oct 2013 at 11:17 PM

  • One thing that I've noticed w/ Crosman gun's, especially the 22XX model's I love to rebuild and tune to their maximum potential, Is that Crosman's rifling is very "Slight" especially when compared to Euro makes/model's(except for the 10.1" Lothar Walther barrel), So pellet choice, or rather pellet size is of the upmost importance. If you find you're just not getting the groupings you think you should be getting, I would go up in pellet "Skirt" sizes until you get satisfactory result's. I have found that w/ my "modded" 2240's, 2289's, 1322's, really bring out their accuracy potential w/ H&N Field Target Trophie's in skirt size 5.54mm, and H&N Baracuda Match in 5.53-5.54mm, the same applies to the .177 versions of these models, I built a 2240 into a .177 tack-driver w/ a 24" barrel, even though you'll get all your rounds in the black using standard sized ammo, when you go up a size or two you'll now see shots going through the same hole multiple times;), Hope this helps. Cheer's, and Good Huntin', Andy.

    Comment by: Andrew S     Posted on: 28 Oct 2013 at 11:58 PM

  • Hi Doc, Andrew S is right, you might just need a change of pellet to get the best accuracy from your rifle. All barrels are different, even from the same manufacturer, so it's best to experiment a bit when you first buy a rifle.

    One thing Andrew has got slightly wrong though is that pellets sizes go up in head size not skirt size- they're bits of lead not ladies!

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 29 Oct 2013 at 07:50 AM

  • Sorry about that little error, What I meant to say was try going up a size or two in head size, and then use the pellet w/ the thinnest skirt, as this will ensure that your pellet's getting as much lead as possible into those land's, and grooves, One thing about H&N pellets, they're all precision, but their skirts are a tad thick, which is fine if your a/g has well defined rifling(Walther LGV Master Ultra, as a perfect example)When your rifling is as pronounced on the head of your pellet as it is in the skirt, then your getting it right. That pellet will fly so straight and true, you'd think it's spiral thrown by Joe Namath,J/K;I've found that "Air Arms Falcon .22 Cal, 5.52mm(Head Size), 13.43 Grains, Domed,are fantastic w/ any of the 22XX barrels from the 2240, to the 24" 2260 barrel, even though they're only 5.52mm h/s, they have very thin skirts, that combined w/ their low weight(13.43gr), w/ my modded 2240 w/ 24" 2260 barrel I get close to 750fps, and w/ deadly accuracy, on my modded 2289 w/ 24" 2260 barrel, It's close to 800fps, and my 1322(semi-modded,Plugged Bleeder) comes in at around 630fps,,,Not Too Bad Eh!, It shoots harder than my Webley Alecto, which is fine in my books, considering the Alecto cost 3X as much.Another round that I've had terrific luck with in the field are H&N RundKugeln's(Round Ball), No fumbling around seating the pellet, and there's nothing better on a windy day, They also find their way through the tough kevlar like wing feathers of your favourite Upland Game Bird, everything from Turkey to PheasantLOL,,,,,,,,Hope this help's. Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.


    Comment by: Andrew S     Posted on: 29 Oct 2013 at 02:46 PM

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