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Gamo Whisper video review | Gunmart
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Gamo Whisper

Pete Wadeson tests the Gamo Whisper one of their latest springers and a model that certainly lives up to its name...

When it comes to launching new air rifles it does seem that Gamo has an unlimited supply, and increasingly these models have been radical in both looks and design. This latest creation I have my hands on is certainly one of the most original and left of field in both cosmetics and how the looks actually transfer into performance.

The name’s a bit of a give away as to what is the major feature and it can clearly be seen dominating the front end. Yes, that’s not just a ‘pretend’ modern hi-tech looking muzzle compensator but a true silencer that comes with an actual percentage reduction rating against the muzzle report of an un-silenced model. All will be explained later, but first check the radical looks of this lightweight sporter.

Stock reduction

Reducing weight on any wood stocked rifle is down to profiling, and though synthetic materials are often lighter than timber; you still have to remove something. This is easily done at the moulding stage and what comes out is striking in looks yet has lost none of its inherent strength.

Essentially the butt layout is a thumbhole, with a big open section in the middle split by a support pillar. Everything outwardly is ‘angular’ except the rounded top of the ambidextrous, triangular cheek piece and the thick rubber butt pad. The look is unashamedly modern, practical and in a quirky way even stylish. The forend tapers forward at an angle to finish with a rounded off tip. Even the integral trigger guard is angular, in keeping with the overall look. This design translates into the Whisper being the best handling synthetic-stocked air rifle Gamo have ever produced. Weighing 6.6lbs (un-scoped) and pushing the tape to 45.75” the Whisper isn’t in the slightest unwieldy and handles superbly even with a relatively large scope on board.

Form meets function

There’s more ‘style’ by way of a fluted/shrouded barrel that disappears into that even more striking silencer. Gamo have sensibly seen fit to retain open sights and a set of their usual fibre optic ‘Tru-Glo’ variety are seen with a red blade up front and a fully adjustable U-notch at the rear flanked by two green rods. I couldn’t resist using these, so straight from the box I experienced the easiest and smoothest cocking stroke I’ve found on a Gamo springer.

Though the detente is solid and secure it broke easily, and drawing the 19” barrel back to cock I realised the silencer acts as a natural aid. The effort required wasn’t strenuous but it was comfortable to hold while operating the action, which is equally smooth during the firing cycle. I can only surmise Gamo have fitted a longer spring than usual, rather than a small overly strong unit, which is often why (in conjunction with a short barrel) more effort can be required to cock a full power action of this nature. There were no such problems here, and within 10-minutes I was producing ragged ½” hole groups out to 15-yds using the open sights. Due to the precise trigger release and the lack of any real recoil, the Whisper was effortless to shoot. I was now chomping at the bit to scope up and realise its full potential.

Full potential

Setting up a BSA 4 – 12 X 50AO Essencial on the lengthy dovetails (which include a removable recoil strap at the rear) I zeroed for 25 yds and was making ragged ½” holes again with quality ammo even at this range in the .22 calibre. This was proving very impressive as now I really was beginning to appreciate the rifle’s balance and handling characteristics - and the efficiency of that can. 

Recently Gamo have paid more attention to sound moderation for hunting rifles and none more so than on the unit fitted to the Whisper – even the name has you thinking the rifle’s going to be quiet. This moderator is a chunky tapered unit and uses what they term as ND52 technology, as they claim this is their Hi Tech Integrated ‘Noise Dampener Reduces Sound up to 52%’. This is some claim but shooting this alongside an un-silenced break barrel I had to concede - if my ears are any judge - that the difference between the two did seem to be almost halved. Most shooters will realise that’s very quiet.

The trigger layout uses the familiar Gamo manual safety lever set in front of the main blade of the 2-stage adjustable unit. Even this seemed better than on previous models but then again it could be due to the styling of the pistol grip.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say I feel the Gamo Whisper is the most radical yet best synthetic stocked springer they have ever produced. It can stand alongside any other comparably priced springer in terms of balance, handling and accuracy - and as for muzzle report… the name says it all.

We reckon:

If you want quiet this is it
Radical yet practical stock
Best Gamo springer yet

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Technical Specifications
Name Gamo Whisper
Type Break-barrel
Action Spring & Piston
Calibre .22 on test .177 available
Stock Black synthetic semi profile
Sights Y
Grooved for scope mounting Y
Barrel 19”
Price £220.26p

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • Better check your warranty repair--the cocking mechanism tends to disintegrate on limited use. Maybe its desitgned as a one use disposable air gun.

    Comment by: Ripped off     Posted on: 21 Jul 2010 at 07:29 PM

  • You haven't really communicated exactly what your problem is, which makes it difficult for other owners or readers to respond.

    * What has happened to your Gamo Whisper
    * Was it still under warranty
    * Have you claimed under the warranty and has the retailer or distributor honoured it?

    Comment by: Pat Farey     Posted on: 22 Jul 2010 at 10:28 AM

  • Used Gamo Whisper 22 less than a dozen times, but at 5 weeks. 30 days is return to seller, after 30 GAMO USA. Now Gamo is working busily to repair the cocking mechanism but they'd had it a month and because they have vacations, they've been much too too busy to really fix it yet. Anf they charge 10 dollars US for return shipping. 15 USC section 2301 et seq doesn't seem to permit this and California's Consumer Protection act requires repairs within 30 days.Gamo USA apparently doesn't give a damn.

    Comment by: Ripped off     Posted on: 27 Aug 2010 at 08:01 PM

  • Well I must have dropped on a bad one, because this review sounds like its describing a totally different gun to my Whisper .177.

    For starters, its impossible to tell how much- if any- effect the silencer has because the mechanism is so loud its ridiculous. Put against a BSA Lighting, a Cometa Fenix and a Weihrauch, this is the loudest by a long chalk.

    The recoil is unbelievable (and again, the worst of the four rifles tested) , to the point where it has moved the scope back as far as it will go within its mounts, and now started to send the rear mount on a tilt. The scope goes from being zeroed-in to being out completely in less than 10 shots.

    The trigger is crap, full-stop.

    The main issue with this gun is it is just far too powerful for its build. With no material density to take up any recoil, it could do with being no more than 9-10 ft lbs. Some people have managed to make this into a decent rifle, vastly eliminating both the recoil and the noise, but it involves a massive overhaul and replacing most of the internal parts.

    Expect to spend a good £100 on replacement parts to turn this into the rifle that Gamo claim it to be.

    Comment by: Never Again     Posted on: 24 Apr 2012 at 08:16 PM

  • I'm sorry your experiences are so different from Pete Wadeson's, but he can obviously only review what he is sent and report his findings.

    What type of mounts are you using?

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 25 Apr 2012 at 12:42 AM

  • I really cannot fault my Gammo Whisper X in 22 calibre. I have put about 1000 pellets through it and it performs very well. I can shoot the centre out of a target at 30 yards with cheap pellets, killed woodies and magpies at the same distance, dead before they hit the floor. I have tried various makes of pellet and it shoots well with them all, once you have fired 8 to 10 through it. I have been shooting for 55 years and this is the best springer I have owned.

    Comment by: David Horton     Posted on: 16 May 2013 at 05:36 PM

  • If you shop around you can get the Gamo for around a £100 while the other guns mentioned above are 2-3+ the price.

    The Whisper name is misleading because the rifle makes a fair amount of noise like all springers. So if you want a truly quiet gun you will have to shell out for a PCP and a cheap one is going to be approaching £400. If you're primarily inclined to buy this rifle because of the claims of its low noise, then don't bother and buy yourself a PCP.

    At the price it is unmatched in the UK. Often low cost rifles are also low power but the Gamo is a full power rifle just below the UK legal limit of 12ft/lbs. It is also far more accurate than the price would suggest although you may need to put a tin of pellets through it before it settles down and becomes more consistent.
    The plastic stock is very light weight and durable and doesn't scratch and scuff like a traditional stock.

    I love the look of the rifle but appreciate not all people do.

    Comment by: Storm Clouds     Posted on: 16 Nov 2014 at 03:07 PM

  • recently purchased the .177 version along with an Hawke 4/16/50 scope. The reason for choice of purchase was low weight and easy action, at 62 i'm not the fitest guy. The gun is very easy to use and handle after 50 shots the gun was hitting dead bull at 30yds with ease, then disasaster, the scope began to move all over the place , the location pin had been ripped out and the scope base plate had worn away. This base plate is a dog and should be removed on purchase. Scoped direct to the barrel and with a "stop" fitted, back hitting bull again. Great gun great scope all for £240. Amention for cheshire gun room of Bolton, great support lads.

    Comment by: Paul E Hilton     Posted on: 04 Apr 2015 at 09:45 PM

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