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Guerini Summit Sporting video review | Gunmart
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Guerini Summit Sporting

Mark Stone reacquaints himself with a Summit Sporter, Guerini’s staple diet 12-bore that’s done and won nearly everything...

From genuinely humble beginnings, the Guerini name has gone from zero to hero over a matter of 10 or so years. Starting off in what was virtually a basement factory underneath one of the big Italian names, along with small importers, Guerini now sponsor some of the biggest names in the clay game, their shotguns have been used to win some serious international titles and yes, they’re now housed in custom built, high-tech premises. Ironic really, since I was one of the first to visit their original workshops and was less than impressed with the early UK guns. But since then, Guerinis have been used to win virtually every international and national title, are now used by some of the world’s top shooters and are one of the most complete packages you’ll buy. How things have changed!

Complete with a Negrini travelling case, every available space is fully occupied. From the velveteen slips that provide additional protection to the stock, action, barrels and forend, all other accessories come complete with their own individual cases, all of which fit neatly into the various compartments. And that of course includes the extended Maxischokes, of which you get eight, including some you probably didn’t know existed. This positive surfeit of chokes, plus the gun’s variability, means that just because this Summit is classified as a sporter, its actually one of the best multi-discipline over-under 12-bores available.

Gets better

The main difference between the original Summit and the latest version are the newly profiled adjustable stock and a variable weighting system, located within the stock bolt tube, just behind the soft gel recoil pad. This consists of short bar with springs and weights attached; the variable positioning of the two weights can be altered, removed or added to by adjustment of the two sliding collets, so allowing the user to shift both stock and overall balance fore or aft, whilst the two springs also act as recoil reducers.

If there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that Guerini fit some nice woodwork, that’s both attractive and a good fit. Nicely grained, finely chequered with a soft lacquer finish, the chequering of the Schnabel forend is a wraparound panel that gives the shooter a good grip, irrespective of how they’re holding the gun, something that repeats on the grip, two slightly oversized panels expanding as they progress down to the heel and well-proportioned palm swell.

Whilst many shooters will opt for the 32-inch barrels, the 30-inch version is still a popular choice; although you must remember that the extended chokes add ¾-inches to the overall length. A rich gloss black, with three-inch chambers and a vented middle and raised eight stanchion10mm top rib complete, the centre groove and bead, the monobloc tubes are held firmly in place with an underbolt inside the now familiar Italian style inertia boxlock action. With a colour-case hardened finish and the Guerini and Summit names inlaid in gold, minimal engraving gives the action its detailing, whilst a fully adjustable gold trigger-blade allows for further personal adjustment.

Two particular Guerini traits are the short top-lever with chequering on one side and the extra large barrel selector safety. Both easy to locate, their dimensions work extremely well, the shooter never having to visually locate either, quickly promoting gun familiarity.


Weighing in at 9lbs 2oz and an overall, choke inclusive length of 48¼-inches, and adjustable by +/- ½-inches length and weight of 15¼-inches and 4lbs 7oz, its easy to understand why such a cross-section of shooters find the Guerini’s Summit to their physical taste. Basically, with the weights, adjustability and the supplied tools, the Summit can be customised to fit, no matter the shape or size of the shooter.

Similarly, with Guerini’s generous selection of multichokes, both barrels can benefit from the exact same restrictions, the excellent patterning allowing the user to open up or close down by one or two points, allowing the restrictions to be tailored to suit whatever the layout or stand demands. Shot around Malmo Gun’s private layout and using the new 24g Mach 3 loads from Cheddite, the 30-inch Summit on test immediately promoted a smooth and controlled swing. The Summit is easy to use and shoot with the characteristics conceived and designed to work with the shooter, no matter their individual demands.

Currently retailing for £2795 with slight variations depending on what you may want in addition, Guerini’s Summit still remains one of the most complete shotgunning packages on the market. All you need in addition is some spare time to set it up, so that it can then become a physical extension of yourself.

With thanks to Malmo Guns, (www.malmoguns. com), for the provision of the Guerini Summit, where this gun is currently for sale, along with the 24g Cheddite Mach 3 cartridges and their private layout.

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Technical Specifications
Model Guerini Summit Sporting
Calibre 12-bore
Capacity 2
Barrel 30-inches + ¾-inch with chokes fitted
Action Break-barrel inertia boxlock
Stock Adjustable Sporter
Weight 9lbs 2oz
Chokes 8x Maxischoke
Price £2795
Contact Anglo Italian Arms 01564 742

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
Guerini Summit Sporting
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