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Hatsan 125 Sniper video review | Gunmart
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Hatsan 125 Sniper

Pete Wadeson tests the Hatsan 125 Sniper break barrel springer and reckons the Turk’s have unquestionably got it right but it’s a weighty issue...

This is a beast of an air rifle and I love it! OK a bit dramatic, but the 125 Sniper (like its close relative the Striker) was originally designed to be a hi-power spring powered air rifle taking pellets into FAC land. For the UK, Hatsan importers Edgar Brothers are wisely being cautious and taking the ‘tuned’ down 12ft lb version for our ‘off ticket’ limitations. However, Hatsan haven’t changed the look of this macho looking springer, and I predict it could become one of EB’s most popular selling break-barrels.

First up is the simple fact that the glorious unashamed ‘machismo’ appeal of the Sniper is allowed to flex its muscles. From butt to muzzle it has everything to keep you intrigued. Super sexy stock design, eye-catching grip aids and twin colour cosmetics, a brutish looking silencer up-front and a generous amount of dual 11mm/Weaver ‘cut’ rail for scope mounting. 

All weather furniture

It seems more and more air rifles are being dressed in synthetic ‘all-weather’ stocks but the Sniper has a more than cosmetic aces up its sleeve. From the rear it uses what is known as the ‘TRIOPAD’ butt system. Coupled with the ‘SAS’ shock absorbing system they negate the need to use a ‘damper’ mount for scope fitting so the scope isn’t given too hard a time due to recoil and vibration. These units are probably needed on the hi-power version, but they are just as welcome on this 12ft/lbs model.

There are four synthetic stocked models – only differing by way of the colour of the inlays found on the sides of the grip and forend. Most I think will opt for the rifle ‘colour combo’ on test, which consists of a black stock with grey soft rubber inlays along the forend and both sides of the grip.

A height adjustable ambidextrous cheekpiece and a system for extending reach to pull and reducing shock absorption may be needed when you get an FAC model but for now I’m going to enjoy this generously proportioned springer and see what it can do as a full power break barrel springer in .177 calibre.

Fibre optics and other features

The Dual 11mm/Weaver rail dominates the rear section of the top of the air cylinder while moving forward you can see Hatsan have stayed true to form and added a pair of fibre optic open sights. These are seen as a raised dot on top of the integral silencer and the rearsight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage.

The scope I chose was a 3 – 12 X 44 SWAT upgraded with the dual illuminated colour reticle system.

The 125 Sniper, as well as having a usable ‘clip on’ bipod, also comes with a useful adjustable rifle sling bearing the HATSAN name emblazoned in yellow down the middle.

There’s a few unusual features on the inside and out of this rifle. After releasing the height adjustable cheekpiece by turning the slot head recessed screws found on the right hand side of the stock I soon found a good position and nipped up the screw. Reach to pull was fine so I didn’t feel the need to use any of the three extra ‘TRIOPAD’ spacers that came with the rifle.

Load up

Breaking the rifle barrel to cock the action wasn’t strenuous but needed the leverage of the barrel, and I certainly appreciated the silencer as it acted as a superb cocking aid. With the barrel broken you can load a pellet direct into the barrel’s breech

After setting zero at 30-yds off the bipod, results soon started to show this was going to be one of those rifles, you know the pellet it likes but still have to really spend time on targets. The more I used the rifle though, the more its kill-zone accuracy started to show and it was only after using some Daystate Rangemaster HE pellets that my confidence returned, in fact I was now consistently grouping within ¾” c-c at 25yds.

You’ll welcome the sling the rifle comes with, as after a few forays I sure did, as it tips the scales at 9lbs un-scoped.  I also appreciated the relatively lengthy 19.6” barrel’s integral silencer that acted as a great cocking aid while also being just as effectively at reducing muzzle report.

The trigger is specified as the ‘Quattro Unit’ that many rifles use from this part of the world. It had the set back blade fitted and on shooting it did feel like a good unit. Adjustable for travel and pull weight, a few tweaks soon had me achieving clean let offs every shot, helping me to tighten my previous c-t-c groups even further. The auto-safety catch is a strange one as it looks like a serrated edge wheel that pops out the rear of the action on cocking – it can be re-set at any time by ‘thumbing’ back.


In my opinion this is a rifle you’ll take to or not even consider. Not one for the weak or young, with an overall length of 48.8” it’s a man sized gun that can create a man sized punch at the target at sensible ranges. The main features I must recap on are; the very solid detente lock up, efficient silencer unit, highly ‘huggable’ ergonomic and cosmetic stock design, and the simple fact that certain companies in our trade have still got the cohones to bring in rifles that may at first be seen to be overly aggressive. Get to know the gun and its solid reliable dependability soon wins you over. Personally at this price, I’d certainly buy one, and relish those days I could sit out for a ‘one-shot pot’ that resulted in rabbit stew.

I could easily find a spot for this in my armoury.

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Technical Specifications
Model Hatsan 125 Sniper
Type Break-barrel single-shot
Calibre .177 on test (.22 and .25 available)
Barrel 19.6” complete with sound moderator
Weight 9lbs (unscoped)
Overall length 48.8”
Stock Synthetic sporter
Sights Adjustable fibre optic open sights, plus 11mm/Weaver style rail fitted for scope mounting
Price £169.95

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • A good review.

    Could you do a review on the FAC model? as you don't seem to do many reviews of air rifles over 12ft lb. I have a Webley Patriot .22 that I am looking to replace with some thing new and this may fit the bill.

    And no! before anyone says anything, I don't want to use a PCP thank you, I am happy using a good Old springer.

    Comment by: Peter     Posted on: 09 Aug 2012 at 08:08 PM

  • My Hatsan 85XTH shares a lot of the qualities of the Sniper. As with the Sniper,the 85XTH is a heavy weight gun.I shot a rabbit in the head at 40yds with this gun using a 3-9X50 Hawke scope & Exterminator 20.5gr pellets.This slug was,after trying many different ones,was the most consistant pellet at this range. Would highly recommend the Hatsan 85XTH to all just starting out in shooting.My complete set-up,including gun bag,scope & a variety of pellets came to £220.If your going into a dealers,go with cash.They will USUALLY cut you a good deal for cash.

    Comment by: Tom     Posted on: 11 Oct 2012 at 12:05 PM

  • @ xmas my son purchesed me a hatsan .22 sniper, i will be very up front , i have not used an air rifle since i was about 14yrs but have used a number of other rifles i.e. the old 303 and SLR and again that was 20yrs+ ago. so to the .22 sniper. my facts as i see it (only) 1 i paid more than seen on most sales adds. 2 it came without tele sites, no butt padseither but no problem. no handbook, so out the box and it was a bit of a shock as 9llbs is a a lot for an airrifle if memory served me right. quick check all is good first pellet dear me at 10mtrs at my metal target holder WOW!!! what a kick. and what damage to the target box so after a number of shots and no grouping at all to speak of, i have done better at the fair if u know what i mean, so, go but a tele site spend an hour + setting it up, ok so grouping is coming but nothing to shout about, to cut the story short i have now had 5 scopes and was suffering with poor grouping and could not sort it, then i realise its the mounts are coming loose and the scope is moving, 4 sets i have returned to the shop and i am on a set costing £40. this seems to have cured the problem, as we did buy thi for a rat problem, but have been unable to use it till this weekend, as i was far from happy ref target, finally having been happy with the set up now i can tell u that last night for the first time ratting with it, 4 shots 3 kills and a total miss. and when i say kill i mean kill at around 20 25mtrs, a truly stunning bit of kit , i still need to make a few ajust ments. like a bi pod any ideas ant one. so this does more than what it says on the tin and worth every penny. i would like help ref ajustment to the quad trigger

    Comment by: steve henshaw     Posted on: 02 Oct 2013 at 11:50 AM

  • Well firstly i did read some reviews about this Hatsan 125 , Cal, 177.
    Every thing looked fine and i did go and by one second hand but in very good gonition.
    I have tried for more than 3 weeks now to set it to shoot straigt , but still
    nothing. I allso asked for help and send an E - mail to Hatsan company to hear if a scope or lazer will help with this problem, still no comment from them. I heard it is not scope bill. ??????
    to me the money i spen was like thouing it in to a drain.
    i got my self a Chia male a view years back and it still SHOOTS straigt.

    ????????????????????????????????????????? I'd like to no please

    Comment by: Christo de Jager     Posted on: 04 Nov 2013 at 12:05 PM

  • since my 1st comment, i have run out of 25mm ply to mount targets on. so puchased an all new pellet trap to keep things nice and tidy and a resetable hanging target., at 25mtrs the pellet trap was all but wrecked after only 10 shots so to the welder fabricator to have a lump of 5/6mm plate added to it.
    last weekend i go for a play so to speak, and prep everything as you do as i am still shooting off the table, but with new ammo , i.e.long range, pointed two types, the results made me think i have never shot this before,it sent fliers every were, re check the scope no! scope is good. so i i grab the old wad cutters and thank you we were back on target 1st shot, so i have learned one thing at 25mtrs+ it seems that wad cutters are the only way to go with my .22 sniper. we finished the day earlier than expected due to broken cocking spring after only a 800/900 shots since xmas,lucky though we are still under garantee. i have still to sort the trigger but will do this when i get it back this week. now i am considering an at 44/bt65 or should i just got the full hog and go FT tacking into account a small buget.

    Comment by: stephen henshaw     Posted on: 10 Nov 2013 at 11:52 AM

  • Hi Steven,

    Your wad cutters may be better than your pointed pellets but then again so are most pellets.

    Give some round head pellets a go, such as Air Arms, H&N or RWS and I'm sure you'll get good accuracy from them. You'll also find you can use them at longer ranges than the wad cutters that have pretty poor long range capabilities due to their shape.

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 10 Nov 2013 at 12:49 PM

  • well a year has come and gone (happy new year to all).with 125 sniper, since my last post , trigger spring has been sorted it took a week. scope still trying to fall off but with constant checks its ok. i am going to get a new scope this week if it arrives. i have also tried ajusting the quad trigger mech its nasty even with1.5mm allen key good quality make, the grub screws are all but seized in place,and the heads are all but knackered before you start, not best impressed with this. and i do lube the gun all the time after use. troll hunter , we went and got some round noses and still not up to much, but we do not get much of a choice here ref makes gamo being the major one i have 6 boxs of these, one from nordic, and diablo the later i have yet to use, so fingers crossed for better results. still good knock down power.
    i mist a kill as it heard the gun go off as i was in a confined space new lession learned(again) DOH!!!

    Comment by: steve henshaw     Posted on: 27 Jan 2014 at 03:35 PM

  • Hatsan 125 sniper .25cal. Centre Point 4x16x40 AOIR scope, shooting JBS Exact King .25 pellets,
    i cant get this gun to shoot consistent. gun is on a bench rest. 25yrds no wind. its all over the place. scope is solid. i sent back the first gun i had because it was even worse. i will get it within half an inch of the bullseye with a consistent group and then it goes way off the target. this was also the case with the iron sights.
    im really frustrated because i read such impressive reviews. but i read a couple of blogs where people are having no luck. one poor guy had to get seven replacements before it worked. i also have founnd the allen key doesnt fit nor the screws turn.
    i have shot airguns my whole life. even a cheap crossman was excellent out the box
    ii would greatlly appreciate your help....cheers, Julian Sullivan

    Comment by: Julian Sullivan     Posted on: 08 Apr 2015 at 09:40 PM

  • Hi Julian,

    Sorry to hear you're nor having any luck with your 125.

    Have you tried cradling the rifle instead of bench resting it? You probably know this but a springer really has to do its own thing when it fires, as there's a piston in there that's bouncing forward and back in a split second.

    Bench resting is fine for CO2 and pre charged air rifles but not for springers and gas ram rifles.

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 09 Apr 2015 at 12:06 AM

  • Thank you Troll Hunter
    I will definitely give that a go! I really like the concept of the gun

    Comment by: Julian Sullivan     Posted on: 09 Apr 2015 at 03:48 AM

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Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
Hatsan 125 Sniper
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