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HFT Diary: Master Plan video review | Gunmart
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HFT Diary: Master Plan

Mark Camoccio’s got a plan but you know what they say about that?

Well, there’s been plenty going on in the HFT world of late, and a steady flow of competitions has kept us especially busy so far this year. Unlike my early days of Field Target, however, I do like to have a few weekends off in between events, and of course, getting the balance right, (and keeping certain parties happy if you know what I mean) is all part of the equation. Many shooters on the competition circuit make it a family affair however, with wives and girlfriends taking part, along with the youngsters. With HFT very proactive in this area, laying on Ladies and Junior classes, everyone can have a go, and only compete around their level. It all works well, and adds to the atmosphere.

HFT masterscloybank, Scotland

Sponsored by BSA, BASC, The Airgun Centre, Hawke Optics, Jack Pyke, Ronnie Sunshines, Airgun Gurus, Field Sports Channel, & SACF. Late June saw the HFT Masters crew stage another of their national competitions, and this time north of the border! Cloybank Phoenix air rifle and pistol club were the hosts, and with an attractive estate that also features fly fishing and golf as a backdrop, this impressive venue had much to offer.

Airgun licensing has of course become a fly in the ointment for Scottish airgunners, but this Masters event was perhaps a timely reminder that they exist as part of a larger supportive shooting community in the UK- a point not lost on the irrepressible Ian Bainbridge of HFT Masters. I didn’t make this one, but am reliably informed that an excellent and challenging course was laid on, and the weather even kept fine, which made the long journey up from the South for many, worth all the effort. This was no easy shoot apparently, so for John Cooper to bang in a 59ex 60, was a phenomenal achievement.


UKAHFT national round 3- buxted, sussex, sponsored by air arms

The last weekend of June saw Round 3 of the UKAHFT Nationals, held at Buxted Airgun Club, near Uckfield, and with the surrounding Sussex countryside among some of the loveliest on the planet, it’s always a pleasure to return to this part of the world. Another sunny interlude for the duration of the shoot was a minor miracle, allowing us to get the best from an excellent course. This one had everything- great variety, with the wide open diagonal hillside shots, a wooded section, and a stretch of targets shot over a meandering stream.

I started quite well, with probably two targets dropped out of the first half, but with some intriguing range traps, and devilish target placement, keeping it all together over the whole shoot, just proved too big a task. Two targets seemingly side by side should have helped my range finding, but I still managed to talk myself out of the second, having nailed the first. Andy Simpson and Pete Dutton, both emerged with an excellent score of 57ex 60, with Andy eventually closing the deal. Paul Wetton certainly enjoyed the day, as he won the Air Arms S400 Superlite in the raffle, a fittingly satisfying end to an excellent days sport!


Master plan

So what of my proposed custom stock and rifle configuration? Well, after much deliberation, and after seeing a friend’s extended action, I’ve opted for an HFT500; but with the action set into a factory S400 walnut stock. I’m hoping I’ve arrived at what I think is going to be a great set-up – my old customized S400 acting as a hunting rifle and quality back-up combo, and the HFT500 as my main gun. Time will tell! As for the special woodwork I had commissioned from Custom Stock, I may experiment with it, or just hold it back for when Benchrest shooting is all I can manage! Either way, it won’t go to waste.

Now it’s time for some serious practise and no more excuses!


European championships (HFT)- September (Date TBA , Poland) www.ehftc.com

For pre-booking application forms and downloads regarding established UKAHFT events (where bookings are still possible), and all the latest information on anything connected with Hunter Field Target shooting, take a look at the following websites:

https://sites.google.com/site/ukahft/ and www.shooting-the-breeze.com https:// sites.google.com/site/whfta1/

In addition, details of the new HFT Masters events can be seen at www. hftmasters.net

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HFT Diary: Master Plan
HFT Diary: Master Plan
HFT Diary: Master Plan
HFT Diary: Master Plan
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