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Hogan Ripley Elite: Second Hand Focus video review | Gunmart
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Hogan Ripley Elite: Second Hand Focus

Mark Camoccio checks out a gun made up of two famous names in the airgun industry

Ripley is a premium brand name synonymous with high-end, hand built English pre-charged pneumatics, and they are still available and manufactured by Steve Wilkins and his team. The problem is, they are significantly pricey and there is usually something of a waiting list. They do of course have FT competition winning pedigree.

But for those clamouring to get on the waiting list, back in 2009, another option was soon to become available. Billed at the time, as a project between Hogan Firearms and Ripley Rifles, the idea was to combine the expertise and reputation of Ripley, and the manufacturing knowledge of Jim Hogan, to bring the customer a slightly cheaper version. Still British made, and using the highest quality materials available, but made in slightly greater numbers.


The specification was an eye-opener for starters. A special 6-point fully adjustable trigger, Lothar Walther choked match barrel, walnut stocks (Custom Stock in Sheffield), in either left or right hand configuration, and a choice of designs too. The Elite Sport (our featured gun) came with an attractive sporter stock and the Elite Thumbhole, as the name suggests, came with a tasteful full T/H configuration, complete with thumb groove or thumb up shelf. Carbine versions of both were also available, so the customer could basically pick and choose features. I tested the full FT match-stocked version at the time, and the interest generated by this model was impressive to say the least. The action wasn’t technically regulated as such, but with around 80-shots varying by around 20 fps max, consistency was indeed hard to fault.

The example available here, is in the larger .22 calibre, although this model was of course made in the more competitionorientated .177 too. The signature chunky bolt of the original Ripleys is here, as is the stylish breechblock complete with the gun’s name, that slim-line loading channel, and the supported barrel configuration that has served so well over the years. Note though, the solid barrel finishing tube of this Hogan derivative, rather than the vented muzzle brake of Ripley’s own original FT models.

And where that muzzle arrangement is concerned, the Hogan Ripley Decimeater silencer, (shown here and supplied as an optional extra at the time of issue), can be simply screwed into place.

Collectors piece

This particular example, serial number HFR0355, is in very good condition overall, and is currently priced at £495. Just keep an eye out for air leaks when looking at second hand examples, but there are plenty of features built in. Hiccups in the supply chain saw that these models are now discontinued, after a sadly limited production run; yet they have to represent a sound investment, and values should continue to appreciate on that basis.

Many thanks go to Andrew, CJ, and Craig at MGR Guns, and for further details on this and other guns in stock, see their website at www. mgrguns.co.uk . The shop can be found at the main crossroads, where the B1191 crosses over the B1192, near the centre of Woodhall Spa; and parking is easy, with plenty of free space available in the high street.

MGR Guns, 1, Witham ROAD, Woodhall Spa, Lincs., LN10 6RW, Tel 01526 351750

Opening hours are Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat- open 9-5, Thur late 9-7, closed Wed and Sun.

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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Hogan Ripley Elite: Second Hand Focus
Hogan Ripley Elite: Second Hand Focus
Hogan Ripley Elite: Second Hand Focus
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