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Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome video review | Gunmart
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Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome

Mark Stone get’s his hands on Marocchi’s new 100 Sporter Chrome, a serious competition gun, but with more bling than a chav's convention...

I first saw Marocchi’s new 100 models at IWA 2007 and was told there wouldn’t be one available to test for at least twelve months. The one positive was that UK importer JLS & Co (1959) Ltd promised that I’d be the first to try one out. All I can say is that it’s been more than worth the wait. I’ve already had the privilege of testing Marocchi’s other shotguns and found them to be outstanding, but the new 100 redefines the parameters for competition over & unders. This Boss-style actioned Sporter will be the equal of the most demanding clay buster.
Shine on

If you want to make a serious impression on a Marocchi first timer ask him to open the Negrini case the 100 comes in. It might be a £200 option appreciated by a select few, but when the first thing your eyes fall on are the externally and internally chromed, 30”, back-bored barrels. Supplied with the manufacturer’s steel proofed internal Maxi 70 multi-chokes, a fine cross cut vented 9mm top rib is capped off with a hi-viz lozenge bead. 

The Boss-style action takes on Marocchi’s now trademark black and silver detailing, the familiar raised teardrop with the 100 nomenclature outlined below. What sets the Boss system apart is its inherent strength. Without going overboard, this locking mechanism employs a bifurcated bolt that moves through the standing breech, engaging with bites located within the monobloc underneath the bottom barrel. In other words, once you’ve closed the 100 there’s little chance if it letting go.

Taking stock

Where the new 100 wins out is in the semi-oiled furniture department, varying grades of which are available when ordering. Affixed with an Anson latch, the neat Schnabel forend’s fine chequering echoes the action’s detailing but its Marocchi’s new Genius butt that adds value to the 100’s basic price of £1,850. Classified as Genius PC, both the comb and heel are fully variable giving the 100 as seen here a trigger pull length of between 14¼” and 14 9/16”, the adjustable trigger blade adding another ½” to the measurements. Likewise, although the drop at heel remains constant at 2 7/8”, drop at comb varies between 1½” and 2¼”. 

Apart from lifting the comb 5mm plus a little sideways adjustment to the left, the heel and trigger blade of the 100 on test was left alone. Its out of the box that counts and as might have been expected, once assembled, the Marocchi was ready to record some serious scores. And it’s this process that first highlights Marocchi 100’s exactness of construction.

Using a combination of Express Supremes, High Velocity and World Cup ammo 25 of Coniston SG’s Compak targets were quickly disposed of along with the bulk of 50 Skeet birds, no more than Cyl and Imp Cyl choking being required. Similarly, ½ and Full made short work of an equal number of DTL birds, the 100’s 7lb 10oz slightly weight forward mass allows the shooter to accelerate or retard muzzle movement at their need. The 5lb 5oz trigger pull offered a precise and identical release weight and predictability. 

Supremely soft

Likewise, given the generosity of the manufacturer when it comes to the rubber spacing shims for adjusting the butt angle. By ensuring you count how many are required for each alteration, the comb and heel can be altered within minutes to suit the various disciplines such as a high comb for Trap or a lower setting for Skeet. But what does immediately come across from the very first moment is how supremely soft the 100 is to shoot.

Express’ 28 gram World Cup felt wad loads are known for their snap, but only emphasized the 100’s gentle, absorbent shooting characteristics. Looked at as a complete package, irrespective of whether you opt for the standard black barrels or the chromed versions seen here, Marocchi’s new 100 is an outstanding and highly adaptable all-round competition 12-bore.

Exhibiting a feel of real shootability when in the hands, the 100 flows easily to the shoulder. It responds virtually before the shooter has asked the question and all the while exhibits an appearance and feel of quality of construction, design and longevity. The gun feels right all over from the black, tang-mounted safety/barrel selector, through the long throw top lever to the smooth snap of the action opening and closing, you get a sensation of worth. This is definitely a shotgun the manufacturer has both pride and confidence in. 
I'd have to

If it wasn’t for the fact that I already own a custom built shotgun, JLS & Co wouldn’t be getting this Marocchi 100 back. As might be expected, the 100 attracted major attention predominantly because of its looks, with numerous onlookers asking if they could try it for themselves. To a man and one woman not one word of criticism was to be heard, all of them vaporising each and every target they aimed at.

We Reckon!

• Similar guns will cost at least three times more
• Opt for the adjustable stock that best suits
• If the chrome barrels float your boat go the whole hog and spec the darker walnut and extended Maxi 90 chrome multi – chokes

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Technical Specifications
Name Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Price £1,985 (As tested)

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • I have this gun and I have to say it is the most fantastic tool for clay busting I've ever shoot. Only problem was the long time I had to wait for it. It took almost 5 months from ordering to delievering

    And I more and more fall in love with it as time goes by.

    Comment by: Marocchi Shooter     Posted on: 15 Mar 2009 at 09:52 PM

  • I have a Marocchi 20 gauge over and under with two triggers. I am trying to find out the value of this gun.

    Comment by: Buddy Kendrick     Posted on: 03 Sep 2010 at 12:37 AM

  • i would like to order Marocchi 100 shorter chrome and need more information about this shotgun.

    Comment by: james cigolini     Posted on: 20 Aug 2015 at 01:45 PM

  • i am interested in purchasing the marocchi 100 sporter w/ chrome barrel.can you provide with a distributernear new jersey.

    Comment by: james cigolini     Posted on: 05 Sep 2015 at 11:31 PM

  • I would like to purchase a marocchi sporter chrome shotgun.how do I place an order.thank you

    Comment by: james cigolini     Posted on: 11 Sep 2015 at 08:37 PM

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Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome
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