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View our Gun Review index consisting of over 900 independent gun reviews written by experts. Whether you're after a new shotgun, a vintage rifle, or a hunting air rifle we have the review for you.

{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Hogan Firearms Ripley Elite FT

Hogan Firearms Ripley Elite FT

Mark Camoccio takes a look at the latest Field Target version of the Ripley Elite

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Gamo CF-30 Under-lever Rifle

Gamo CF-30 Under-lever Rifle

Pete Wadeson checks over the Gamo CF-30, a spring powered under-lever rifle that definitely deserves much more recognition …

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Chiappa Winchester 1892

Chiappa Winchester 1892

John Northmore casts his critical eye over a reproduction of the Winchester 1892 lever-action rifle as offered by Chiappa of Italy

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Verney-Carron V12N

Verney-Carron V12N

Mark Stone says; vive le difference as he tries out a Verney-Carron V12N, a French semi – auto built by one of the oldest…

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Blaser R8

Blaser R8

Pete Moore gets his hands on the latest Blaser straight-pull rifle the R8 and sees the R93 has moved along a little…

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Marlin 795

Marlin 795

Fancy a semi-auto rimfire hunter, but perhaps not the garden variety choice? If so Pete Moore suggests you check out Marlin’s 795

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Winchester Select Platinum Field

Winchester Select Platinum Field

Michael Yardley tests the well priced Winchester Select Platinum 2

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Cometa Fusion Star

Cometa Fusion Star

Mark Camoccio puts some bunnies into orbit with Cometa’s Fusion Star break-barrel air rifle

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Miroku MK38 Trap

Miroku MK38 Trap

Mike Yardley tries the adjustable stocked Trap version of the Miroku MK38

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator

Pete Moore goes hands on with Ruger’s latest centrefire varminter from their Hawkeye range and finds a gun with a cool name that shoots…

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: CZ 527 American

CZ 527 American

Pete Moore checks out CZ’s neat and compact Model 527 in 22 Hornet and wonders if this calibre still has something to offer?

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: Guerini Summit Sporting

Guerini Summit Sporting

Gaining ground and titles fast, Mark Stone tries his hand with Guerini’s latest Summit Sporting, one of the most substantial clay breakers you’re likely…

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: SYSS Rimfire Magic

SYSS Rimfire Magic

Tim Finley gets to grips with an SYSS Rimfire Magic rifle

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: AyA Round Action No 2 model

AyA Round Action No 2 model

Michael Yardley reviews the classically styled AyA Round Action No 2 model in 12 bore

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{segment_3_category_name} Reviews: ASG CO2 BB Guns


Pat Farey takes a closer look at three new CO2 powered BB guns from ASG

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