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Prestige Kub-SL .22 PCP

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£200.00 GBP

    Model KUB-SL
    Make KUB-SL
    Type Multi-shot
    Certification Non-FAC
    Calibre .22.
    Model Type Precharged pneumatic
  • Cast: N/A
  • Condition: Used


This much loved rifle sadly now has to be moved on.

I can supply the RealTree Mod (good for other rifles too), fill adaptor and two spare mags (10 shot each) along with it (spare mags are NOT cheap!!). Side lever action and well tuned, light, 2 stage trigger.

Whilst it has served me very well over the last 3.5 years of only eating meat I have shot myself, during a recent repair for a minor magazine issue I was advised that finding spares will now be quite difficult for future repairs or servicing. Coupled with a need for greater range performance and ongoing longevity means I have reluctantly decided to part with my companion in favour of a more modern rifle for the long term.

This rifle has had two major routine services in the 3.5 years its been with me for good measure, with one complete overhaul and replacement of all the seals to ensure best performance. The particularly nice stock that always draws a compliment or two from gunsmiths has also been sealed against rain and moisture. This wouldn't have been done in the factory back in the day and just made it a bit more weather proof.

There's some superficial scuffs and scrapes. Nothing desperate. The hole for slings and bi-pods at the front end of the stock is slightly off centre but again, no issue.

In my opinion this rifle should last another couple of years and would, I can testify, make an excellent start up rifle for either a youngster OR someone new to air rifle hunting who wants to trial the idea before committing to a very expensive modern rifle. It shoots straight and in the right hands is very productive for the freezer.

However, when its done its probably done. There's a gunsmith in Cannock who knows this design inside out and may have spares floating around or could fashion one should the need arise but the company no longer exists so this can't be considered a long term investment. The spares will just get more difficult to find.

Effective kill range is NO MORE than 25yrds


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    • KUB-SL
    • KUB-SL
    • Multi-shot
    • Non-FAC
    • .22.
    • Precharged pneumatic
    • Model
    • Make
    • Type
    • Certification
    • Calibre
    • Model Type

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