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There are many different field, game and clay disciplines for the shotgun enthusiast to enjoy, and GunMart specialises in reviewing the latest shotguns, accessories and shotgun cartridges for them all. With two of the UK’s top shotgun writers – Michael Yardley and Mark Stone – providing four new shotgun reviews each month, the GunMart gun test archives are becoming some of the most extensive in the UK, covering everything from bargain basement Baikals to some of the best handmade English guns and everything in between.

Double Barrel Shotguns

Of the many types of shotguns available in the UK, the most prolific are double barrel shotguns with the versatile over/under barrel configuration being the most popular type in the UK by far. In fact they are the most popular world-wide. The side by side shotgun, once paramount in the UK, has been all but eclipsed by these over/under style double barrel guns in all shooting disciplines. Few people use side by side shotguns for competition clay shooting, but they will probably always have a traditional following for game shooting, rough shooting and pest control, so there is still a steady demand for them.

Semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns are also becoming more popular, especially with wildfowlers, pigeon shooters and some gamekeepers, although it would be fair to say that these types of shotguns are more common in the USA and on the continent than they are in the UK.

All these various types of shotgun are featured regularly in GunMart, as well as Section One UK shotguns that have to be registered to a Firearms Certificate rather than a Shotgun Certificate.

New and used shotguns for sale

In GunMart’s shotgun section you will find not only gun reviews to help you choose which shotgun to buy, but also hundreds of adverts for new and second-hand shotguns for sale. Although many people prefer to buy a new gun, it can prove to be expensive, yet there is an alternative, and that’s to buy a second hand shotgun. By following a few simple guidelines when buying, some seriously expensive shotguns can become much more affordable, as some used shotguns can be priced at half that required for a brand new example. Look in GunMart’s shop listings of shotguns for sale and the private classified adverts and find yourself a bargain.

Shotgun Cartridges

As well as shotgun sales, you will also find advice and tests on both clay and game shotgun cartridges, helping you make the right choice to suit your gun and shooting discipline. Although many expert shots may get a slight advantage with expensive premium quality cartridges, generally speaking novice to average clay shots should not waste money on expensive cartridges. All the major manufacturers offer excellent 24 and 28 gram economy loads that will do the job very adequately. Read the tests in GunMart and find the cartridges that will offer a good blend of performance, reliability and value for money.

Shotguns UK!

Whatever shotgun you are looking for you will find it in the pages of GunMart, with expert help on choosing the right model for you and your sport, and lots of bargain shotguns for sale in the ads and classifieds.

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