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Stringtown Supplies has been trading for almost 25 years offering a mail order retail service for a wide range of military surplus clothing and equipment. Our catalogues come crammed full of the most recognized names in purpose clothing, boots, webbing, camping and survival products, which will perform and give years of valuable service.

We are also renowned for our excellent range of Airguns & Accessories, Archery & Crossbows, Airsoft & accessories, De-activated guns, Paintball & ccessories, Blankfirers, Replica's, Knives, and some Fishing Goods, Metal Detectors & Seaside Inflatable's. plus lots more.

Newest Classifieds in Stringtown Supplies

Photo Title Descending / Description Cast Price Descending
RWS Super-H-Point .177 pellets RWS Super-H-Point .177 pellets

Pictured are the RWS Super H-point in .177 calibre, a mid range pellet they have recently become very popular by delivering the accuracy of a domed...

N/A £7.95 GBP
Deben extreme precision 13-27" bipod Deben extreme precision 13-27" bipod

Pictured is the deben extreme precision 13-27” bipod, potentially one of the highest quality bipods on the market, made of high grade alloy its...

N/A £74.95 GBP
Gamo varmint Stalker Barricade Gamo varmint Stalker Barricade

Pictured is the Gamo Varmint Stalker barricade in .22, incorporating the same piston system appose to a spring the rifle is quieter and more...

R/H £169.95 GBP
Gamo Socom 1000 .22 Gamo Socom 1000 .22

Pictured is the Gamo Socom 1000 in .22 calibre, this is a great little rifle ideal for the garden shooter, as well as the light hunter. In .22 cal it...

R/H £154.95 GBP
BSA Ultra Multishot Synthetic Kit BSA Ultra Multishot Synthetic Kit

Pictured is the BSA Ultra Multishot synthetic kit, The rifle itself is the standard and original BSA Ultra, a triumph from a well established...

R/H £550.00 GBP
BSA lightning SE .177 BSA lightning SE .177

Pictured is the BSA lightning SE in .177 calibre, a very impressive rifle it replaces the spring with a gas ram, making it quieter and a much...

R/H £289.95 GBP
SMK XS15 .177 SMK XS15 .177

SMK XS 15- Pictured is an SMK XS 15 in .177 calibre, running at 8lb this makes for a great little starter rifle, particularly for those of a younger...

R/H £79.95 GBP
Weihrauch Supperessor Weihrauch Supperessor

Pictured is the weihrauch suppressor, in our opinion the best quality silencer we have come across they are constructed of steel parts with a matt...

N/A £59.95 GBP
Kral AV demon Kral AV demon

Pictured is the Kral AV Demon in.22, an unusual make of rifle, its underlever sits flush with the barrel in the synthetic stock, which is of hard...

R/H £119.00 GBP
Air Arms S410 F .177 Air Arms S410 F .177

Air Arms S410 F- Pictured is the Air Arms S410 F in .177 calibre, Renound all over the world Air Arms have made a name for themselves in every airgun...

R/H £589.95 GBP