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Stringtown Supplies has been trading for almost 25 years offering a mail order retail service for a wide range of military surplus clothing and equipment. Our catalogues come crammed full of the most recognized names in purpose clothing, boots, webbing, camping and survival products, which will perform and give years of valuable service.

We are also renowned for our excellent range of Airguns & Accessories, Archery & Crossbows, Airsoft & accessories, De-activated guns, Paintball & ccessories, Blankfirers, Replica's, Knives, and some Fishing Goods, Metal Detectors & Seaside Inflatable's. plus lots more.

Newest Classifieds in Stringtown Supplies

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Gamo varmint stalker deluxe Gamo varmint stalker deluxe

Pictured is the new Gamo Varmint stalker deluxe in .22 calibre, another simple yet effective springer it comes in a synthetic stock with rubber grips...

R/H £169.95 GBP
BSA Supersport .22 BSA Supersport .22

Pictured is the BSA Supersport in .22 calibre, a classic springer its sleek beech wood and blued barrel makes it fit well in the hand and fire like a...

R/H £210.00 GBP
BSA Ultra SE Multicam BSA Ultra SE Multicam

Pictured is the BSA Ultra SE in .22, now boasting the new camo rubber stock, designed very similar to multicam it has a very earthy look to it which...

R/H £450.00 GBP
BSA Lightning XL GRT BSA Lightning XL GRT

Pictured is the BSA lightning GRT in .22 calibre, a beautiful piece of kit the beech wood is sturdy and of the highest quality, the internals the...

R/H £300.00 GBP
BSA tactical XL SE .22 BSA tactical XL SE .22

Pictured is the BSA tactical SE in .22 calibre, The upgraded version of the original lightning its lighter, easier to conceal in a black stock, and...

R/H £280.00 GBP
BSA R10 MK2 .22 BSA R10 MK2 .22

Pictured is the BSA R10 Mk2 in .22 calibre, in a beautiful walnut patterned stock its pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Its unique buddy bottle...

R/H £759.95 GBP
Gamo C-15 Gamo C-15

Pictured is the new C-15 from gamo, a small pistol it fits well in the hand and is compact with a good weight. running off a single 12 gram co2 its...

N/A £70.00 GBP
Blackwater 1911 Blackwater 1911

Pictured is the new blackwater 1911, based the classical sidearm, blackwater have taken the design and brought it to modern day, featuring a full...

N/A £139.95 GBP
Weihrauch HW97k .177 Weihrauch HW97k .177

Pictured is the Weihrauch HW97k with a stainless finish on the action, A truly beautiful under lever it has won the world over with its smooth...

R/H £519.95 GBP
SMK XS78 .22 SMK XS78 .22

Pictured is the SMK XS78 deluxe in .22 calibre, an improvement on the original XS78 the deluxe now comes with a slightly nicer stock as well fibre...

R/H £119.95 GBP