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Blackley Replica Gun Kits

E.J.Blackley & Sons, specialists antique gun repairs and reproduction

Established in 1965, E.J.Blackley & Son is a unique company offering a wide range of professional services to shooters and gun collectors, including specialised engineering, antique arms restoration and supplies. They also produce in their own foundry one of the largest ranges of high quality lock and furniture castings available to the restorer, enthusiast or collector. All work undertaken is carried out personally or supervised by Edward or Kevin Blackley.

A widely experienced staff combined with specialist machinery in their foundry and workshops, enables the company to offer workmanship of unrivalled quality. It is the only restoration company with an in-house precision investment castings foundry. Reconversions from percussion to flintlock are a speciality.

The company has over 30 years experience in restoration work for both the private individual and trade dealer. They have also produced and supplied component parts and weapons for the Royal Households, film industry, television companies and theatrical suppliers.

Blackley offer lock sets for the Whitworth rifle and Alexander Henry, falling block rifle comprising: lockplate, hammer, safety, main spring, sear spring, tumbler, bridle, sear, spring link, tumbler fly, etc. They can also supply parts for the Whitworth Match Rifle, comprising: breech plug, standing breech, trigger guard, trigger, trigger plate (not shown), 2 piece sliding sight, grip cap (not shown), tumbler, bridle sear, butt plate (chequered) and percussion hammer. 
Alexander Henry Lock Set

Perhaps their most popular products are their range of authentic pistol kits. These kits offer unrivalled authenticity, and are manufactured in their own workshops and foundry with the highest quality materials. All kits are presently supplied with ‘Blank’ stocks, however a barrel starter channel is machined into the wood. Each part is carefully moulded from the original and is not altered in any way to facilitate easier production, as can occur so often with many mass produced reproductions.

We have used the same specification of Steel and Brass for over thirty years and do not devi­ate for economics sake in any way. The brassware is manufactured using ‘Yellow Brass’ in order to obtain the correct period colour. The barrels are profile turned to the same contours as the original and manufactured from a suitable steel for those who may wish to use for Muzzle loading - (subject to licensing require­ments).

The stock is supplied in English Walnut, although harder to obtain than the more common European varieties, it was widely used in the manufacture of the originals. The Kits are supplied in a format that requires no licensing, or alteration to existing certificates. All screws are manufactured to obtain a modern thread that is as close to that of the original as possible, but enabling the builder to obtain taps etc. without difficulty.

All parts are included with the exception of the hand tools normally required on such a pro­ject. Full size plans are included and with the Dragoon kit a manual of instruction is issued. The flint, leather, oil and stain are also supplied and furthermore each part is available separately, should the need ever arise.

The kits can be supplied with various additional operations undertaken prior to being despatched, sadly at this moment woodwork is not included, however any lock assembly work or similar work can be undertaken, just state your requirements and Blackleys will give a quotation.

The latest addition to the kit range includes a Key Pistol Kit (Option One). This all steel piece, originally thought to be a Jailer’s Key by “G.Trulock” measures 9.5” in length and includes castings, a set of screws, flint and leather, hardening powder, and instructions.  Price is £162.15. Option Two includes all of the above plus the lockplate is pre-fitted to key body, the tumbler shaft hole is drilled through, frizzen fitted and hardened, while the springs are hardened and tempered – the Option Two price is £242.05.

The Dragoon Pistol Kit (Ref: KIT001/004) with English walnut stock is a superb reproduction of what was one of the most beautifully profiled Military Pistols, originally by “Farmer”. You can see why this kit has been a best seller for over thirty years. The long eared butt cap and slender stock profile give the Dragoon a unique character all of its own. Barrel length is 12”, barrel bore is .625” and overall length is 20”. Price is £313.72 including VAT and UK p&p.

The Queen Anne Pistol Kit (Ref: KIT003) is based on an original by “Gill” of Richmond, and is a superb example of this classic pistol. Available with Silver or Brass furniture (originally in Silver), the kit is supplied with English walnut stock and correctly profiled barrel custom fitted to each individual breech frame. Price is £313.72 including VAT and UK p&p.

The Sea Service Pistol Kit (Ref: KIT002) is a faithfully reproduced set of parts, intended for the builder or hobbyist who appreciates the attention to detail that differentiates this kit from mass produced types. Barrel length is 12”, barrel bore is .625” and the overall pistol length is 20”. Price is £292.57 including VAT and UK p&p.

For more information on all E.J. Blackley and Son products and services, give them a call on 01508 548003 or visit their website at

All Prices Are Guides Due to the Changes in US & European Exchange Rates

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User Comments
  • I ordered a Queen Anne pistol kit from Blackley and Sons a year and a half ago. So far...nothing. They have given me an entertaining litany of excuses: holidays, moving shop, equipment failures, royal wedding (?), sickness. At first I was patient and considerate, as I am a metal-worker myself. Finally, I demanded either a refund or the kit. This prompted a transatlantic phone call and more promises. More nothing. Another testy email from me. In March, I was told that it would be shipped within two days. That was three months ago. Still nothing. If it hasn't arrived by 2013, I'll just pick it up when I'm in England.

    Comment by: Charles D. Prokopp     Posted on: 28 May 2012 at 08:35 AM

  • Dear Mr Prokopp,

    With regards to the above comments, that I can only apologise for, i trust by now that you are in receipt of the kit?
    It was posted mid 2012, yet we did not make enquiry as to its receipt.

    Thank you.
    Kevin E Blackley

    Comment by: Blackley and Son     Posted on: 12 Feb 2013 at 07:55 PM

  • The bulk of the kit has, indeed, arrived. Still missing are the trigger return spring and last page of instructions.
    Despite that handicap, the pistol is nearly complete.

    Comment by: Charles D. Prokopp     Posted on: 13 Feb 2013 at 12:35 AM

  • Ah, ok, please leave it with me.
    However the instruction sheet is only a one page document, i assume you received the exploded plan?
    Thank you

    Comment by: Blackley and Son     Posted on: 14 Feb 2013 at 02:46 AM

  • So I'm not the only one. I had pretty much the same experience as you, including the false promises, excuses (email failure, mold failure, iceland volcano, sickness...), and several trans-atlantic phone calls concluding in promises with no results. I ordered the Queen Anne kit in 2009 and now 4 years later I'm still empty handed.
    I really don't understand it.

    Comment by: Jared Simeth     Posted on: 16 Feb 2013 at 09:39 PM

  • I wonder how a trader with many dissatisfied customers can only persist. With regard to the experiences described above I can only confirm every word concerning untrustworthiness etcetera. I ordered a Queen Anne pistol kit from Blackley and Sons in January 2013 and got nothing but the same succession of excuses that can be read above. After 8 month I demanded a refund and got not even an answer. I can only warn all potential buyers about this dealer.

    Comment by: Wolfgang Schmidt     Posted on: 10 Nov 2013 at 06:59 PM

  • Dear Mr Schmidt,
    Your comments are indeed correct, at least as to the time evolved on your order.
    We have been searching for your email here of which we are aware, but it appears to have been archived.
    However were rather under the impression that you had sought the refund direct from your card company, where shortly afterwards we are invoiced by our card payment team.
    From your comments, that was not undertaken in that way.

    Comment by: Blackley     Posted on: 11 Nov 2013 at 06:19 PM

  • I did not turn to my credit card company with a demand for repayment but on September 25 - eight months after my order - directly to Blackley and Son. Since my credit card company has sent me the account statement concerning my payment about four weeks after my order, I had no doubts at that time and thus accepted the sum.
    In the meantime - with all my account statements since April before my face - I have received no refund. Therefore your statement to have been charged by your card payment team sounds surprisingly to me.
    I am afraid to have to classify this new misfortune in the above-mentioned result of many incidents, accidents and disasters, which the company Blackley and Son falls victim to again and again for mysterious reasons.

    Comment by: Wolfgang Schmidt     Posted on: 12 Nov 2013 at 08:05 PM

  • Dear Mr. Schmidt,
    I was merely explaining the schedule of process as regards a refund request to the card company , rather than the actual event on this instance.
    I have checked through and see that there was no 'charge back' to us, associated with this matter. So apologies if you understood it that we had been charged, when I read imy comment again it suggests we 'would be' as opposed to 'have been' .
    I would like to say however, that despite your obvious frustrations, and I do sincerely understand those, as indeed I would have same in a reverse situation. We do however get a little fed up with people making light of our past issues - everything you or others were told was factual and NOT fabricated to suit the moment, as indeed it appears many would have believe.
    I would not disagree that our communications and overall service could be improved upon, that is quite evident, but when there is suggestion of our fabrication of events and almost fraudulent activity, it becomes quite something else. On a public stage such as this, it is even more so.

    Getting back to the matter in hand - we can organise a refund next week that will take a few days from then to wind its way to you. OR you can still have your kit! We have here a recently cast batch that have been specifically manufactured to suit various orders, one of which I believe to a customer who also shared a comment a while ago. We could set a date of despatch - (say latest 12 days from now), and if that was not met then we would undertake the refund on that date.
    Just a suggestion, as despite everything -we really do want you to enjoy this kit, I will leave it to you to decide.
    Kevin Blackley

    Comment by: Blackley     Posted on: 13 Nov 2013 at 01:51 PM

  • Alright! Since I originally placed the order to get a kit, a delivery would fulfill my real intentions. I therefore agree to a delivery.
    But due to an indefinite feeling I'm slightly skeptical in regard to the ambitious date of despatch. In the very first comment from Mr. Prokopp I read a passage that makes the schedule referred to seem a bit optimistic. Nontheless, if the consignment should really arrive within a reasonable period of time, I would gladly admit my mistake. By the way: Certain shipping companies allow online tracking of shipments.

    Comment by: Wolfgang Schmidt     Posted on: 13 Nov 2013 at 08:31 PM

  • Again: Caution in delivery promises of Blackley and son. November 13 plus latest 12 days makes November 25. Until December 12 I have received neither delivery nor the repayment.

    Comment by: Wolfgang Schmidt     Posted on: 09 Dec 2013 at 04:36 PM

  • This certainly seems to be a very unusual way to run a business! Why advertise product you don'y have and then keep customers waiting for so long?

    Comment by: Troll Hunter     Posted on: 09 Dec 2013 at 06:45 PM

  • Hello again Mr. Schmidt,

    Not quite sure how this particular forum thing works, although I acknowledge your comments here, but as yet have not received any reply to my last mail to you through our normal email server of ?

    We are prompted to comments on this site by means of email alerts, albeit unfortunately not on every occasion . When that is the case we access this forum, but as I just mentioned; that is only when we are alerted in the first place. Other than that we do not visit.
    That is the reason I sent the mail also to your email address directly.
    To this day we have not been aware of your reply of the 13th November.

    I assume that you had used this forum to reply, as opposed to contacting through our email ?
    I draw some comfort from the original comments of that forum mail and your desire to receive the kit, I would suggest if that is still standing; then I would ensure despatch by this following Monday, despatch by priority courier.

    Kevin Blackley

    Comment by: Kevin Blackley     Posted on: 09 Dec 2013 at 07:10 PM

  • To add to the posts above, I know of others in the community having the same exact problems. Mr. Blackley continues to give excuses on outstanding orders. To any potential customers reading this, I will save you hundreds of pounds/dollars by warning you now...DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM BLACKLEY.

    Comment by: Concerned Customer     Posted on: 24 Jan 2014 at 01:40 AM

  • Erm, would the last post kindly reveal themselves please.
    How the devil can we address anything if you come through without identity of some form.
    Or mail us direct
    The website 'contact us' link is not 100% reliable so please use your email program.
    Thank you

    Comment by: K Blackley     Posted on: 24 Jan 2014 at 05:41 AM

  • On 1/28/14 I paid Via Paypal for a Miqulet top jaw screw.... after a month I email Kevin an enquiry on when the part was or would be shipped, no response to two emails I then tried to contact through their website again two times...... so far absolutely no response..... I know this is not a big sale but I had hoped to see the part before I am eligible to collect my Social Security... and I have some years to go before I can..... I took a chance on a overseas company hoping to get faster service than a 6 to 12 month wait with the American based "The Rifle Shop" at least they respond to emails.
    I guess if I don't hear form Kevin I will request a refund from PayPal and hand make the part... a casting would have been easier.....

    Poor form Kevin Poor form.

    Comment by: Allen     Posted on: 11 Apr 2014 at 07:09 PM

  • To Allen: You're a lucky guy, only 4 months waiting... I have paid my Miquelet lock in April 2013, still waiting for it...
    And it seems also impossible to get a money return, I have asked for it twice with no result.

    Comment by: Jorge Mambrilla     Posted on: 15 May 2014 at 03:05 PM

  • Jorge, Sorry to hear you have much more money tied up with them for so long .... I guess they needed it for the move...... I have sent another email through their site and got a robo response from them.... and he can't even be bothered to comment here on what I have already written...... now after 6 months I guess my next step is to talk to one of the larger known gunsmiths in the black powder trade that may do business with them.... maybe he can rattle his cage..... Soon I'll be starting a Blackley & Son don't by from blog........

    Comment by: Allen     Posted on: 02 Jun 2014 at 10:32 PM

  • Gentlemen,
    May I please ask that you give a couple of days for us to get back to you on your issues, as I'm sure you have noted on visiting the website - we have relocated thus bringing problems of its own. Downtime being one if them.
    I can only assume that those contacting us have done so through the website, I have noted previously that is not known as a totally reliable source and have asked to email at
    If indeed you have already done so then I apologise as response of some form should have been received.

    We are still far from sorted following our relocation as it was indeed a very involved process, but we are getting there.
    I will personally respond to you individually, also copy a mail to this comments page.

    The office and its facilities has been up and running just over a week now following the move, the workshops are still to be finalised.
    With that I assume all communication data will be at my disposal.
    However if it is not and you hear nothing from me within the next two working days then please, please drop me another line to

    We want to sort all these issues out, we really do - despite the thoughts of some.
    We also understand the issues of many of you, and clearly it is very much in our interests to get things sorted amicably.

    Kevin Blackley

    Comment by: K blackley     Posted on: 03 Jun 2014 at 07:31 AM

  • Just following on from my response a short while ago, I have only just noticed the date of the two previous comments.
    Just for the record we had no recollection of any alerts indicating the comments made, whereas in the past and indeed this most recent post an alert was sent to us.
    I can only assume that during our downtime an alert was sent to us , however missed by ourselves due to that period of inactivity.

    For those who made the assumption of being ignored on this forum then please be assured you were not , at least not intentionally.

    Kevin Blackley

    Comment by: K blackley     Posted on: 03 Jun 2014 at 07:46 AM

  • "For those who made the assumption of being ignored on this forum then please be assured you were not , at least not intentionally."
    Hi Kevin.
    I think we don't make the assumption of being ignored in this forum...
    We KNOW we are ignored when trying to contact you using phone or email...

    Comment by: Jorge Mambrilla     Posted on: 03 Jun 2014 at 10:43 AM

  • With respect, but As I have said, not intentionally so, how on earth would we expect that to benefit us ?
    I will be back to you as soon as I can.

    Kevin B

    Comment by: K blackley     Posted on: 03 Jun 2014 at 11:03 AM

  • Replies sent to the individuals as promised.

    Comment by: K blackley     Posted on: 05 Jun 2014 at 08:14 PM

  • September 19, 2014, three months later and still waiting...
    Order made in April 2013...
    CAVEAT EMPTOR as the romans said...

    Comment by: Jorge Mambrilla     Posted on: 19 Sep 2014 at 08:51 AM

  • Mr. Mambrilla,

    A fair point you raise indeed, I must agree communications of late have been rather staggered at best.
    I can however report some very good news, or at least from this end. We now have the full power facility at our disposal after a wait of many many months.
    The initial supply was installed on August 12, unfortunately, and as we were not aware at the time; we did have to wait for metering installation following that. That was in fact finalised this last Wednesday.

    I can assure you we are now doing everything we can in order to bring things as near to date as possible, obviously historical orders are paramount as we now have full control of the situation; whereas before of course, we did not.

    Comment by: Kevin B     Posted on: 19 Sep 2014 at 07:22 PM

  • March 2015, after ordering a key pistol kit, and having my account debited,nothing! No reply to phone calls or emails. I wish I had seen this forum before ordering. What an appalling service, how rude not to reply. I will now ask for a refund.
    If you are considering using these people, DONT as they are a complete waste of time.

    Comment by: Brian Goldsmith     Posted on: 12 Mar 2015 at 07:05 AM

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Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
Blackley Replica Gun Kits
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