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The Heroines of SOE Book

Sub-titled ‘F Section Britain’s Secret Women in France’ this book tells the stories of 40 women, some of whom are familiar to us such as Odette Sansom and Violette Szabo, but others are sadly little-known to us and really we should know more.

This book solves that matter by telling us more about the brave women agents who were sent to France to help bring about the Allied victory.  All were immensely brave. When captured and treated most basely, even being sent to concentration camps, they never revealed anything about their roles. Some like Noor-Un-Nisa Inayat Khan paid the ultimate price and were shot. This book reminds us that women went about this most dangerous work deep in enemy-occupied territory and achieved results that far exceeded expectations.

Technical Specifications
Author Sqdn. Ldr. Beryl E. Escott.
Publisher The History Press
ISBN 9780752463131.
Price £12.99.

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User Comments
  • I felt the book did not do justice to all those brave women.It was too lacking in content and you were left with the feeling there should have been more meat on the bone. There was a lot of unforgivable mistakes for instance on page 101 the authoress mentioned the woman who betrayed her was "probably Garry's jealous sister". I'm afraid this is not good enough. "Probably" means you do not know for sure so I feel that should have been omitted or phrased in a different way. Another example would be the section on Andree Borrel where it is mentioned that she was given phenol by a doctor and subsequently died. I believe there was a Court case where it was found that she was put into the crematorium oven alive but managed to scar the face of the perpetrater (as was mentioned in Sarah Helm's book 'A Life in Secrets'.

    Comment by: david shearan     Posted on: 18 Feb 2012 at 03:11 PM

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The Heroines of SOE Book
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