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SA80 Assault Rifles

SA80 Assault Rifles

If there is one question about this title it is; why has it taken so long to appear?

The eponymous weapon of the title has been in service since the mid-1980s, the production line in Nottingham closed in 1994 and the service life of the weapon was only expected to last between 20- and 25-years, which means it is now on borrowed time. All of these points are addressed in this concise title, which could serve as a training manual for soldiers.

The SA80 has now been used in combat, but it still has less than a glowing service record. There were a number of serious incidents in the early days and today, 30-years on, is still criticised. This work follows the ‘bullpup’ design from the first trials through to the different versions spawned by the SA80 rifle. A must-have work for weapon enthusiasts who will debate this weapon, some of which will be inspired by this work.


Military 1st
Military 1st
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